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Aug 19 2014

Using LinkedIn1Your company has just hired a new person for the promotion that you deserved. Not only did you not get the job, you didn’t even know that the job was open. If this scenario describes you, you’re definitely not alone. Many companies do a terrible job of cultivating and promoting internal candidates.

Before you head over to LinkedIn in a huff to find a job with a new company, consider using LinkedIn to find a new position within your current company. If your company has 100 or more employees, then LinkedIn’s search algorithm will show you open jobs not only in new companies but also within your current company. LinkedIn updated the algorithm because 42 percent of employees would prefer to remain with their current companies if their companies advertised a job opening matching their skills and experience.

Why Promoting From Within Is Good Strategy for Your Company

Businesses hire communications experts for marketing and public relations (click here for information about MA in Communications programs) because they think that their image as a company depends on how they market their brand. However, companies can have great product or service brands and still struggle to attract talent. This disparity often happens because companies fail to invest in their greatest resource: current employees. They underestimate just how much satisfied employees improve recruiting and talent acquisition. Read the Rest…

Aug 18 2014

There is no doubt that social media is changing the way we are communicating. New polls, published on FastCompany put this trend into perspective for Job Seekers. Thank you for running the surveys: 45% of employers check social networks
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Hiring managers want to bring in someone they’ll get along with, someone who seems a bit like them and someone with whom they’d want to spend time. Therefore, in addition to selling your background and your understanding of the company,
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