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Jul 25 2014

OpenCollegesThis interview first appeared on OpenColleges.

“Most students I talk to are seniors with five people in their LinkedIn network. This is a huge mistake.”

1. What is your number 1 tip for getting a job after finishing study?

Don’t wait until your final months to get serious about your career. I did that. I waited until my last week and made some pretty bad choices out of desperation. (Like following some girl I barely knew to Japan to teach, hating it and leaving after 9 months).

I don’t mean finding a practical major. I mean start having conversations with people outside of school, such as alumni, about life and the options that you have available. Consider volunteer opportunities that might get you connected with influential people. Start building a large LinkedIn network…do this early.

know it’s painful to face. And I know you care more about passing classes and having fun than facing life after university. The people who have the courage to deal with it sooner will be more successful later.

2. What’s the secret to successfully negotiating a starting salary?

Take what you can get. Honestly. Unless you have very rare and very valuable skills to offer an organisation, you don’t have much power in negotiation. You have to earn the right to ask for a higher salary through the acquisition of valuable skills and experience. Don’t look for shortcuts. Your employer will respect the fact that you don’t have an attitude of entitlement, because chances are your competition will.

3. How do you recommend dealing with interview nerves?

Breathe. Breathe deeply. And most importantly, practise. I practised for an hour a day for a month before my first interview as an MBA. I practised with my career coach, in front of a camera, and in front of the mirror. I wrote out my answers, and delivered them again and again. This was the only reason why I didn’t piss my pants when three interviewers grilled me in a dark, cavernous room. Read the Rest…

Jul 22 2014

This infographic first appeared on Top Criminal Justice Degrees. Getting a job can be tough, especially if you have your sights set on a top government bureau.  The process for getting hired at the FBI, CIA, or Secret Service can
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Jul 21 2014

Someone once told me that a corporation was a nasty thing to fall in love with….because it will NEVER love you back. The rules of loyalty in the work force are changing. No one can deny that. However, knowing this
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