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Apr 24 2014

Job interviewI remember the first job interview I had as a soon-to-be-minted MBA. It was with a financial investment firm in the suburbs of Boston.

The first two interviews were fine, normal, followed the script. But the third and last interview didn’t.

My interviewer wore a full beard, not common in the financial industry. And he looked at me, pushed my resume away and said, “What’s a job you took that’s not on this resume?”

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Open up any popular job board. Go ahead. Do it now. I’ll wait. Question: what are the 2 pieces of information they need from you? Answer: Job title and Location If this is how most people search for a job, then it’s also how most recruiters search for candidates. Job title and location. And most recruiters don’t want far-away candidates,
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Apr 22 2014

I understand. Your industry isn’t on the list of available industries on LinkedIn. Mine isn’t either. The problem is that this little tid-bit of data you’re leaving off makes it hard for your audience to figure out what you do. In fact, my eye often goes to a profile’s Industry before I decide to accept a connection request or reply
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