People who become CEOs at a very young age gain the respect of many. These people have been fortunate enough to take the lead in their field and make their way to the top. Their stories are true stories of success and inspiration. Indeed, there are a lot of things you can learn from them.

1. Know your vision.

You should be able to identify your vision and communicate it effectively. Employees are impressed with a boss, no matter what the age, who can articulate goals well and lay down detailed plans and programs. For any CEO, a clear vision can absolutely earn the respect of employees and lead them to the road of success. “Chase the vision, not the money; do what you love and the money will come.” This is how Tony Hsieh put it. At 22, he created an internet business that eventually sold for $265 million. He’s the current CEO of, the #1 online shoe store.

2. Be constructive.

The boss is always looked upon as the authority to offer comments and suggestions. Bear in mind it’s best to be constructive with observations. Don’t dwell on the person’s flaws and mistakes. Instead, suggest ways they can improve so they can excel in their tasks later.

3. Keep your mind and ears open.

Always listen. Young CEOs are definitely on top of their game, but like everyone else, they do not know everything. Keeping an open mind and listening to the opinions of other people will not only gain you the respect of your colleagues, it’s also an opportunity for you to learn. As 39-year-old GSI founder and CEO Michael Rubin put it, “I’m like a sponge and I believe in the school of hard knocks.” Rubin, named by Forbes one of America’s 15 most powerful CEOs under age 40, believes that “if you ask a lot of smart questions, listen well, and have the tenacity to grow and learn, you just do it.”

4. Maintain good relationships.

It’s crucial for the boss to have good relationships with employees. Being visible in the office paves the way to getting acquainted with the employees and their needs. Employees in turn will feel comfortable enough to discuss company issues relative to productivity and the general good of the company. Having simple and light conversations with employees from time to time is an effective way to foster good relationships in the office. Matthew McCauley, the 37-year old CEO of Gymboree, has this to say: “I love to exchange wits and spring back ideas off people, no matter what their role is.” McCauley routinely asks for feedback from staff throughout the company in all departments. This open strategy seems to be working as Gymboree’s sales continue to scale heights by the millions.

5. Have fun.

People who become CEOs at a young age might seem deprived of a happy and cheerful social life, but that is a misconception and not altogether true for most of them. Office work can be very demanding — but don’t let it eat you up. Allot some time for rest and recreation. A day that’s just work, work and more work is very unhealthy. Find ways to enjoy the day in the office or to unwind after office hours

Age is not a determinant factor to success – hard work is. Always keep a positive attitude toward your work. You will be so much better for it.

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