“I help people find meaningful work by using social media.”

My mission is to create standards of success around social media career education for as many people as possible. Here are some of the ways I do that.

Who I Serve

The Career Enlightenment Blog

Job seekers and career professionals rely on the Career Enlightenment blog for the latest information about how social media impacts the world of work. In 2013, the blog won the Readers Choice Award from About.com. For guest bloggers, please read these guidelines first before pitching your article.

Career Enlightenment serves four main audiences. They are:

For Job Seekers

With my LinkedIn Profile Writing Service, I provide professional, job attracting LinkedIn profiles to career-savvy job seekers. I have 10 writers working for me. Each one is hand picked for their passion and skill then trained to make sure each of my clients get’s the best profile possible. I’ve served over 200 job seekers so far.

The Social Media Job Search Workbook is the only fully comprehensive guide  out there today providing clear, results driven standards around how to find meaningful work using modern tools like social media.

For College Career Centers

I’ve spoken at over 20 college career centers around the country, including The University of Illinois, Auburn University, Texas Christian University and Portland Community College. Students love my down-to-earth story-telling keynote style and staff enjoy the train-the-trainer opportunities when working with me. To see a sample talk, visit my speaking page.

For a more long-term impact, I offer schools the chance to teach my curriculum. That way, I don’t need to be on campus for them to create higher standards with how they train students on how to use social media. Here, you can download the curriculum.

For WorkForce and Veteran Affairs

In January, 2013, I launched the first ever, fully comprehensive social media career course ever run by a federally funded program in Portland, OR. This curriculum has helped over 300 job seekers find work and is freely available to any US Department of Labor funded entity, like a WorkForce Investment Board (WIB). I have five excellent trainers who deliver this curriculum on a weekly basis at each of the five centers.

Similar programs can be set up in your city or VA office. Talk to me if you are interested in either implementing the program yourself by having your staff trained, or having me setup and run the program for you.

About Joshua Waldman

Joshua Waldman

When I was laid off two times in six months back in 2008, I decided it was time to really understand the modern job search. By applying my knowledge of social media to proven job search strategies, I found that I was winding up in the interview chair in a fraction of the time it took my peers.

But it was too soon for me after the layoffs. And so the only images in my head during the job interviews were pictures of getting laid off from yet another great company. Yep. I still had plenty of healing to do. So I decided that while I was recovering, I would help other people who were ready for the job. That’s when I started Career Enlightenment, it was late 2009.

Through research, interviews and case studies, I managed to figure out some of the most important key principles that work in today’s job search. My advice has been published on Forbes, International Business Times and Mashable.

From the blog came opportunities to speak and train other job seekers and career professionals. And through my own use of social media and good old fashioned networking, I found some contacts in Wiley to pitch my book idea. They loved that I had over 100 articles with regular blog readers.

The book deal was a no-brainer for them. Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies was published in September, 2011 and continues to be one of the For Dummies group’s best selling titles.