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5 helpful IFTTT LinkedIn recipes for job seekers

Originally posted on Mashable last February 3, 2015. Job hunting is hard work. You need all the help you can get to keep up-to-date with not just vacancies, but activity within the industry you’re looking. LinkedIn is an amazing resource for job hunting, but you... read more

Best Jobs in America for 2015

Glassdoor has just released its inaugural Best Jobs in America for 2015. This new report identifies the 25 best jobs to have this year based on each job’s Glassdoor Job Score.  The score is determined by three key factors – earning potential, career opportunity... read more

The Tactics of Facebook Graph Search

Most people have a simple dichotomy in their head – LinkedIn is for my business life, and Facebook is for my personal life. While there’s nothing wrong with this dichotomy, it can limit you. In particular, a little known feature Facebook rolled out in... read more

Thoughts on Gratitude

I’ve been reading Tony Robbins’ new book Money: Master the Game, and have been very pleasantly surprised that it’s not just another “How to” financial planning book. In classic Tony Robbins style, he brings in a lot on the psychology of... read more

PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide

PayScale’s new Salary Negotiation Guide is a combination of the best pieces of salary negotiation advice from PayScale experts and notable contributors, including: “The (Surprising) Best Answer to the Question “What’s Your Salary Range?”... read more

You WILL Get Googled…Are You Afraid?

I tell my clients that they will be Googled as surely as it will rain in Portland. The latest survey said that 81% of employers WILL Google candidates. Online reputation management is a critical piece of your online job search. There is just no getting around it.... read more

Job Preparedness Indicator, December 2014

New report out from The Career Advisory Board. Here’s a snip-it from their executive summary. You can download the full report here. The 2014 Job Preparedness Indicator confirmed previous reports that while a skills gap exists at all levels of U.S. employment,... read more

Another New Hire Found on Twitter

A recent CNN Money feature made the point that smaller businesses are adopting twitter and other social media outlets to find candidates. Why? First off, recruiters are expensive — and posting to job boards costs money. Second, smaller businesses are looking for... read more