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“Social Media Means

You Can’t Hide”

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LinkedIn Industry Rankings

Recently, LinkedIn took down their list of industries. For years that page had no direct links to it, so I suppose it was just a matter of time before it was destined for the LI graveyard, along with Skills, Events and Answers. This change got me thinking, just what...

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How I Started Getting Unsolicited Job Offers

Job searching has come a long way from just a few years ago! I remember being inbetween jobs after college, filling out dozens of Taleo applications and sending dozens of resumes and cover letters into cyberspace each day. I would obsessively check my e-mail praying...

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How I Found a Job Using Social Media

This post first appeared on Media Bistro last June 2, 2016. We thought this success story of using social media to get a job is worth sharing to our readers!  You’ve no doubt heard about social media gaffes—inappropriate newsjacking, personal posts ending up on...

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The ultimate LinkedIn cheat sheet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock it’s quite obvious that LinkedIn is the number one place to be seen online if you are looking for a new career or job opportunities. For example, did you know that a fully optimized LinkedIn account is 40 times more...

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Improve Your Employability

Searching for your dream career is more of a marathon than a sprint. After that promising first lap, things can start to become overwhelming very quickly if you aren’t prepared. Applying to position after position leaves you low on morale and high on self-criticism....

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[Infographic] Employees with Benefits

You know perks can make or break your ability to hire the right talent—but do you know which perks matter most? This infographic gives you the real scoop on what top-quality candidates crave, from lax dress codes to gym memberships to free tuition. Find out if your...

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Four Tools You Need To Land a New Job

What does it take to switch jobs in a shaky economy? Arm yourself with data, bolster it with more research, and then solidify your work by comparing the options to make your switch a success. Here are several tools that will help along the way.   Let’s face it, in the...

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Three Tips on How to Tailor a Resume

It’s your birthday. I’ve bought you a present! Do you want to know what it is? Socks. Happy birthday! Woo… Not impressed? What? Are you saying I would have made you happier by giving you something you wanted or needed? Well, let me share something with you. It’s...

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