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Challenging Four Workplace Image Myths

In November this year, Amy Adams chatted at a New York Times event about the effect of image on her career as an actress. Having been cast as a dumb blonde for most of her twenties, she dyed her hair red at 27 – and saw a marked difference in casting responses. “The...

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Your Next Job Search Doesn’t Need to Be Painful

Anyone who has ever gone through the process knows that looking for a new job can be a frustrating, dispiriting, and painful experience. Like root canal painful. I know this because I’ve experienced several extended periods of unemployment in my life.  I also speak...

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A Meditation Guide For Job Seekers

So far, I have not dabbled in the metaphysical on this blog. Nor am I about to. However, meditation is an essential part of my life and has helped me in ways that go beyond words. So I feel compelled to share some of my experience with you. In 1996 I traveled to Nepal...

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Build Your Resume Through Enhancv

I came across this new job searching tool online and just had to let you know about it. Some of their resume designs have been featured by top execs. The pricing structure makes sense and the design is modern. Here's my product review for EnhanceCV: Enhancv is an...

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How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Online

Setting the foundation stones for you career is not what it used to be. Conventional thinking has it that we go to school, we study for exams, take it to the next level at college and then lay our accomplishments out in a traditional résumé so that potential employers...

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