Social Media

“Social Media Means

You Can’t Hide”

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If you’re interested in getting a handle on your online reputation, this is the best tool out there. Check out this video tutorial that will walk you through how to set up an account, how to improve your hire-ability-index and set up your own blog for free in... read more

This Month’s LinkedIn Tip: Join a Group

In 2006, when I still worked at Cisco, I started a little LinkedIn Group called “Cisco.”  Okay, not very creative or original. But I thought it was a good idea at the time to help Cisco folks leverage our mutual LinkedIn networks for career opportunities. HR didn’t... read more

Is Your Brand the Ultimate Narcissism?

My grandmother, who is 86 this year, always told me, “humility was for people who could afford it” and when I was 10, I “couldn’t afford it.” She wanted me to be more confident, brag a little bit. I’m sure she was just a proud... read more

You WILL Get Googled…Are You Afraid?

I tell my clients that they will be Googled as surely as it will rain in Portland. The latest survey said that 81% of employers WILL Google candidates. Online reputation management is a critical piece of your online job search. There is just no getting around it.... read more

25 Best Cities for Jobs

This report first appeared on Glassdoor on May 19, 2015. Thinking about moving to a new city for a job? Turns out, all cities are not created equal forjobs. That’s why Glassdoor is revealing its newest report on the 25 Best Cities for Jobs. These 25 cities stand out... read more

10 Job Hunting Mistakes To Avoid

Applying for jobs can often be a difficult and soul-destroying process, especially if you’ve lacked interest from a number of recruiters and employers. It can be so easy for any of us to lose motivation during this time, but their are certain ways to make this... read more

Finding a new role using social media

This infographic first appeared on BCL Legal on April 15, 2015. The rise of social media has revolutionised many aspects of modern life and none more so than the job search market. The 2014 Social Recruiting Survey conducted by Jobsite suggests that the process of... read more