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“Social Media Means

You Can’t Hide”

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Stressed-Out Job Seekers

HOUSE:  I love the cranky bastard. During last year’s season finale of the TV show House, though, I learned something … and that is the absolute power our right brain has over our lives. The parallel is drawn between House’s patient, whose right... read more

Interview with CMO is a 2 year old start-up run by students at Syracuse University. My interview today was with their CMO, Trace Cohen. Trace is running their PR and outreach including speaking about the benefits of social media for job seekers. We’re definitely... read more

The Resume – But Not as We Know It

The idea of the traditional resume is gone. Today employers are looking for something a little different, something that stands out from the crowd. With a world of technology at the fingertips of candidates, there is a greater expectation for them to go the extra... read more

3 Unconventional Tips for Finding Work Overseas

This article first appeared on Ivy Exec last March 21, 2015. If you were interviewing me for a job, you might notice the number of years I spent outside the United States. In 2000, I worked in Kobe, Japan teaching Year 1 at a British school (thats kindergarten for you... read more

10 online tools to create visual resumes

Today’s challenging job market inspires candidates to find new techniques for ensuring that their resumes are read by recruiters and potential employers. One of these strategies is a visual resume, which is particularly relevant to those who work in the creative... read more

Interview with Predag Lesic, CEO of

Owning your own domain is one of the bedrocks of building a strong personal brand and securing your online reputation. Leading the space to help people build their brands and owning their digital playground is Domain.Me, a domain registrar company based in Montenegro,... read more

Social Media Laziness and Other Ills

I was reading Chris Brogan‘s newsletter and really resonated with a paragraph of his about how using the same message across all social media platforms is just wrong. He didn’t spend much time on it, though, so I want to elaborate. By the way, Chris Brogan... read more

How to Use Blogging to Get a Job

Blogging used to be a way for writers to promote themselves and that was about it. Now, the blogosphere has opened up and more people are using blogs than ever before – for reasons other than to promote their writing. One of the best ways to use a blog is for personal... read more

How To Write a Resume

This article first appeared on Open Colleges. CareerBuilder, a large international job seeking site, recently did a survey where they asked nearly 3,000 hiring managers to share some of the most unusual and memorable applications they had received over the years, the... read more

ATTENTION! Policy announcement for all employees

It has recently come to the attention of management that a few employees have been dying at their desk and failing to give notice. Failure to give notice of any impact to your schedule will lead further disciplinary action up to and including: Loss of employee gym... read more

Healing Tips for the Broken Hearted Job Seeker

Someone once told me that a corporation was a nasty thing to fall in love with….because it will NEVER love you back. The rules of loyalty in the work force are changing. No one can deny that. However, knowing this doesn’t change the pain of getting laid off or let go.... read more

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Calls From Recruiters

This article first appeared on Simply Hired last February 25, 2015. I was in my car, headed to a client meeting in the north part of Las Vegas when my phone rang. An unknown number. Interesting. “Hi. This is Scott from XYZ Solutions and we found your profile on... read more