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Dec 12 2013

You will never hear me say, “Everyone should be on LinkedIn.” Although I’ve heard plenty of social media intoxicated gurus say such things. Let’s get real! LinkedIn isn’t the only game in town. But when it’s properly used, there’s nothing that comes close to it. To understand your own job search, it will help to understand how companies hire. In
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Dec 07 2013

Getting LinkedIn To A Job

This article first appeared in C&EN site on November 4, 2013 In 2009, chemist Tamal Ghosh saw an online posting for a job at the PepsiCo Advanced Research division that matched his skills and interests. He wanted to learn what life was like at the company, but he didn’t know anyone who worked there. He soon discovered that one of his college
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Dec 05 2013

If you’re searching for work and have noticed things are different nowadays, well, you’re not alone. Today, 12 million unemployed Americans struggle to face this new job searching reality.’s recent fall from the S&P 500 marks the shift away from the post-and-pray approach of job applications, towards a much more focused, relationship-based approach. In the past, you might mark your
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Nov 12 2013

Originally posted on, from his book Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies (2nd edition) Certainly LinkedIn is a great tool to have at your job-search disposal. But not all industries are evenly represented there, and so it may not be for you. In some cases, using LinkedIn for some jobs can be a waste of time. In other cases, having a
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Nov 05 2013

New to LinkedIn? Or maybe just not feeling  confident about how to use it? Never fear; is here. Using Grovo, I’ve put together 10 essential lessons to get you started on LinkedIn.   Getting Started with Linkedin

Oct 29 2013

Originally posted on, from his book Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies (2nd edition) LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to help you redefine yourself and move your career in a new direction. Taking your career in a new direction is a bold move that requires framing your proven skills for a whole new purpose. Identify your transferable skills,
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Oct 08 2013

Here is a rather interesting promotion from California Pizza Kitchen. At the end of my dinner (along with the bill) I was given “The ’Don’t Open It’ CPK Thank You Card.” It’s a coupon, with an interesting twist: You bring this with card you next time you come back to CPK. You’ve already won something, from a free appetizer up to $50
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Oct 04 2013

A question I frequently get when training job seekers on using social media is “Won’t my boss think I’m looking for another job if I’m using LinkedIn?” With over 180 million LinkedIn users in the world, I honestly don’t think that even half of them are actively seeking work. More than likely, they are happily employed and happily networking. It
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Aug 30 2013

Speaking at the Engineering Symposium in Portland a few years ago, I had two conversations back to back that were exactly the same. Now, I wasn’t surprised, when speaking to a group of 100 engineers, that ALL of them were much smarter than I am. I also wasn’t surprised to see many baby-boomers in the audience. So the conversations I
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Jul 29 2013

Editor’s Note: this Skills page on LinkedIn is in Beta, which means they add and remove features regularly. Many of these screenshots are no longer available, or might look different for you. This is just the nature of writing about social media.  Are you taking control of what skills show up on your profile? Or are you letting your connections
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