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Feb 06 2014

While LinkedIn is considered the world’s largest professional social network (over 225 million strong), some folks aren’t necessarily in the know when it comes to making the absolute most of this particular platform. This guide, courtesy of WhoIsHostingThis, is aimed
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Jan 02 2014

This article originally appeared in last December 2, 2013. Last week, I received an info interview request from a stranger as a direct message on LinkedIn. Despite my very busy schedule, I decided to take his call. Over the weekend,
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Dec 26 2013

This infographic first appeared on As 2013 comes to a close, we revisit our analysis of overused buzzwords in members’ profiles for the fourth year in a row. Does ‘creative’ once again dominate as it has for the past
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Dec 19 2013

If you’re like me, you don’t feel satisfied sitting around with a pretty LinkedIn profile waiting for recruiters to email you out of the blue. (Although it’s nice, it’s simply not a strategy.) You need to be more proactive, more
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Dec 12 2013

You will never hear me say, “Everyone should be on LinkedIn.” Although I’ve heard plenty of social media intoxicated gurus say such things. Let’s get real! LinkedIn isn’t the only game in town. But when it’s properly used, there’s nothing
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Dec 07 2013

Getting LinkedIn To A Job

This article first appeared in C&EN site on November 4, 2013 In 2009, chemist Tamal Ghosh saw an online posting for a job at the PepsiCo Advanced Research division that matched his skills and interests. He wanted to learn what life was
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Dec 05 2013

A Jobvite study last year reported that more than 94 percent of job recruiters used social media, and they listed LinkedIn as the top tool in recruiting for new hires. Unless your head has been buried somewhere very dark, you
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Nov 12 2013

Originally posted on, from his book Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies (2nd edition) Certainly LinkedIn is a great tool to have at your job-search disposal. But not all industries are evenly represented there, and so it may not be
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Nov 05 2013

New to LinkedIn? Or maybe just not feeling  confident about how to use it? Never fear; is here. Using Grovo, I’ve put together 10 essential lessons to get you started on LinkedIn.   Getting Started with Linkedin

Oct 29 2013

Originally posted on, from his book Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies (2nd edition) LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to help you redefine yourself and move your career in a new direction. Taking your career in a
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