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Apr 18 2013

Pinterest is quickly becoming part of everyday conversation, and smart job seekers will take advantage of its popularity to enhance their personal brand. One of the biggest downfalls of the traditional resume is that it lacks visuals. Graphic designers and photographers aside, most of us have boring one-page resumes filled with text. But the very nature of Pinterest lets people
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Nov 14 2012

Originally posted on You may think of Pinterest as a place to pin cute photos of dogs and collect recipes, but these days, the site has gone beyond the trivial and become a branding powerhouse. It’s a great resource for job seekers; you can share your resume, get connected with recruiters, research companies, and so much more. Check out
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Jun 29 2012

Reposted from Online Education Database: We’ve all heard about LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook’s career power, but have you thought about what Pinterest could do for you? The social pinboard is an incredible resource not just for job seekers, but workers at every stage of their career, offering resources, connections, and a great platform for getting the word out. We’ve shared
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