You may have guessed from earlier posts that I’m not much of a fan of large, be-all-end-all job boards. They get pretty spammy, as anyone who has tried to post a resume on Monster will tell you.

More and more, hiring managers are turning to industry- and location-specific job boards. In fact, I regularly post articles to a niche job board for the Healthcare IT world (yes, it gets that granular!)

But finding these often obscure (and not well ranked on Google) websites can be a huge PIA.

Here is a tip you can use to find them.

How to Work Google to Find Hidden Niche Job Boards

This is going to get technical fast.

In a fresh Google search enter the following:

"your-industry+Careers" intitle:"job board"


"your-industry+Careers" intitle:"job listing"

Here is an example. I entered:

"Healthcare Careers" intitle:"job board"

and I found:


Then I entered:

"healthcare careers" intitle:"job listings"

And found:


In two searches, I found 5 niche job boards.

Here is another example. I entered:

"marketing careers" intitle:"job listings"

and Google returned:


then I entered:

"marketing careers" intitle:"job board"

and got back:


Again, with just two Google searches I found five job boards.

It Doesn’t Stop with Industry Niches

You don’t have to enter your industry, instead enter your state or city. Change out the word “careers” with “jobs.” In other words, play around with this type of search query until you have a long list of niche sites.

I’m certain you will find job opportunities that are not available on the mainstream boards.

I would LOVE to hear your experience with these searches. Tell me your niche and how this technique worked for you. Share some sites you found with our other readers. Were you able to improve the technique?

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