The Blogger’s Co-Op

Are YOU Wondering How to Promote Your Blog for Maximum Job Seeking Impact?

You already know having a blog can help you get hired faster. But don’t look like a chum with no comments or traffic on your blog. An empty blog is worse than no blog at all. That’s why you need a Blog Commenting Service

Blogging can be one of the best ways of establishing credibility in your field, dominating Google results with your name and getting found for your dream job. However, with literally hundreds of thousands of other blogs to compete with, Job Seekers’ blogs are often left to obscurity read only by friends.

If you’ve chosen to use blogging as part of your Career Management, you will want to get as many readers as possible.

Comment Co-Op (noun): A Comment Co-Op is a group of people who support each other by commenting on each other’s blog posts in order to improve ranking and traffic. For job seeker’s, blogging has become a great way of establishing credibility. Increasing the number of comments can dramatically improve that credibility and find-ability.

The Best Way to Get Readers is by Having Comments!

Google likes blogs. And Google really likes blogs that have comments. The more comments, links and keywords, the higher Google will rank your blog.

The Blogger’s Co-op is a great way to quickly collect comments and links by relying on other career minded bloggers.

For $5/month, cancel-able at any time via Paypal, you can double your comments and traffic in just a short time.

And because I will be retweeting and commenting on your posts, my 11,000+ Twitter followers will be exposed to your links and ideas. Who knows what unexpected opportunities might arise when 100 new people read about you!

Join me Today!

The Blogger’s Comment Co-op

Make sure YOUR blog gets plenty of comments

- Request other members to comment on your most recent posts

- Ensure Google Rankings by getting 3-4 comments per post

- Look like a rock-star to your potential next employer by being a leader

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