• What am I going to do after I graduate?

  • I’ve spent all this money on my education – and I can’t get a job!

  • I’ve sent out 100 resumes and got nothing … what do I do next?

The student life might be a great adventure, but as students near the end of their degrees, they start to seriously think about the future … and that’s a scary future. Jobs are scarce, competition from graduates high, and it seems impossible to stand out above the rest. Many students face the reality that after four+ years of studying they have no edge in the marketplace.

But there is another way.

I’m Joshua Waldman, best-selling author and self-confessed social media junkie, and through my live, interactive  programs, I can show students how to use social media to land that dream job. Instead of glumly sending out piles of resumes and hoping for a response, I empower students to get proactive in pursuing the job they really want.

Why Hire Me to Speak at Your College?

Joshua book signingI’m not your typical college speaker. The student crowd can be tough, but I guarantee by the end of my session you’ll have a room of engaged, inspired students who are excited about their futures. I’m not trying to be vain here, but I’m good at what I do. I weave together storytelling, theory, current events and humor into a practical, step-by-step action plan that will put students on a fast-track to their career goals.

I will pack your venue with students, and leave those students motivated to take action. The event, and you (as the event’s hosts) will gain the positive reputation from hosting successful events that get real results for students.

But most importantly, I can relate to your students. I’m not some professorial dude in a stiff suit (or sweater-vest!) standing on a podium – I’ve been in their shoes, hung out at the same parties, sat the same tests. I’ve felt the same fear they feel. And I’ve been able to thrive in the job market thanks to my engagement with social media – and that’s exactly what I’ll teach them to do.

What Programs Do I Have Available?

Joshua at Curry CollegeMix and match any of the programs below to create an interactive 4-hour half-day workshop for your campus.

  • General Session Keynote: invite all students – or just the ones from your program – to a fun and engaging 60 minute keynote called, “What Your Parents Can’t Teach You About Finding a Job.”

  • Train-the-Trainer Lunch and Learn: invite your career center staff to lunch with me. For the 60 minutes we’ll explore some of the challenges your campus faces around social media and talk about what you can do about it. (This is the most popular event for staff!)

  • Treat Your Campus Recruiters to Breakfast: Want to make the companies who recruit your students happy? Give them an hour of social media recruitment training during a light breakfast session. I’ll show them the best ways they can attract and engage your students.

  • Put Your Student Leaders in the Hot Seat: So the leaders of your student run organizations think they’ve got a leg up? Well, their LinkedIn profile might be keeping them down. In this session, we’ll analyze what it takes for your young leaders to look great online and review their online profiles live.

  • Book Signing: A great way to create buzz around the event is to announce the arrival of a national best-selling author. You’ll have standing room only when students line up after my book reading to share their job search hopes and fears.

Who Am I, Anyway?

Joshua Waldman Arms Out

As I said, I’m Joshua Waldman, author, speaker and social media convert. I’ve been using social media and networking to manifest my own successes in life, and it’s my passion in life to bring these same techniques to students. I’m the author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies. My articles have appeared on Forbes, Mashable and the International Business Times. My blog, CareerEnlightenment won the 2013 Reader’s Choice Award from About.com.

I research how social media effects the economy, careers and job search. I distill that information for students, career professionals and job seekers so they can use it for their advantage.

Learn more about me HERE.

Other Schools Think I’m Cool

Don’t just listen to me – have a look at what past administrators and students have to say about my program.

What are you waiting for?

Bring me on campus for a half-day to create long-term change in the lives of your students and your staff.

Ready to Watch the Rest of My Speech?

Worried About Your Budgets?

Read the Full Report HERE

If you think you can’t afford a speaker this year, then you may be surprised. I’ve helped many schools navigate their school’s budget to be able to afford bringing me in. For example, if you schedule me when I’m already in your area, you’ll save hundreds of dollars both on travel and on my special “regional tour fee”.

The truth is, I’d rather have as many students as possible hear what I have to say. My passion is being able to help young people succeed in their chosen careers, and I’m happy to talk to you and find a way to make it possible for me to visit your college.

For more ideas on how you might be able to afford me, check out 10 Ways Your College Career Center Can Afford a National Speaker.

Ready to book Joshua Waldman? Contact his team at [email protected] or call 503-985-6741.