Change can be a good thing, especially when it comes to your career. Sure, you may have loved what you were doing five years ago, but in the workplace or your job field, things can transform overnight.

Maybe your passion has redirected, you’re experiencing job burnout, or you’re just ready for a bigger paycheck — changing careers requires expert job search techniques. You’ve got to spend a little extra time fine-tuning your strategies to drive your career in a new direction. And with 94 percent of recruiters using or planning to use social media in their recruitment efforts, developing a pristine social media presence should top your job search to-do list.

Here are 10 tips to polish your social media presence and catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters:

1. Search yourself.

When was the last time you typed your name into the Google Search bar? Ideally, you should find your personal website, social media profiles, media mentions, or anything else noteworthy. If you’re getting poor results when searching, be sure to deactivate accounts or delete photos to avoid potential repercussions of turned-off employers.

2. Complete all your social media profiles.

You’re not going to impress any hiring managers with half-completed profiles. Put the finishing touches on all of your worthy social media profiles by ensuring all your information is updated and complete. If you’ve deemed a profile unworthy of being a part of your search, deactivate it. Remember only to focus on the social media that’s most prevalent in your industry.

3. Keep your story straight to avoid an identity crisis.

Your social media presence tells a story about you. If each profile depicts a something different, you’re probably going to send your viewers mixed messages. For instance, if you have a passion for banking and financial services, you can share this in many different ways, but make sure the overarching points and message are the same.

4. Stay relevant.

Show passion for your career through the things you post on social media. This could be as simple as sharing news and insights about your industry or engaging in thoughtful career-relevant discussions with other users.

5. Join industry chats.

Seek out Twitter chats for the industry you’re transitioning to and join in the weekly or bi-weekly designated conversations. This is a great way to ramp up your industry connections, build a following on social media, and showcase your industry knowledge.

6. Don’t be afraid to network.

Whether it’s with thought leaders in the industry you’re transitioning to or employees of the company you’re hoping to someday work for, online networking is crucial to your job search success. Begin engaging online by commenting, tweeting, or sharing relevant content, and then consider taking the networking off of social media through email, phone call, or even Skype.

7. Monitor your privacy settings.

While Facebook is becoming a big player in the job search, if by chance you prefer to keep your profile as a more personal hub, make sure your privacy settings follow suit. The same goes for other personal social media channels. You may even consider creating personal, private accounts or usernames to ensure you’re not detracting from your job search.

8. Treat every social media profile like it’s your resume.

Once your privacy settings are in place, all professional social media profiles should be treated as if they’re your cover letter, resume, and portfolio. They should act as a glowing example of your professionalism, industry knowledge, and any other skills or traits you’d like to showcase.

9. Participate in some humble bragging.

One of the most effective ways to tout your know-how is by showcasing things you’re proud of. For instance, avid blogging will also benefit your job search, so why not share your posts via your social media accounts to garner views and conversation? You can also post recent work of media attention you’ve received.

10. Go above and beyond.

So you’ve got a polished Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook account, but why stop there? Uncover other beneficial social media websites like YouTube, Quora, Github,, and begin building your presence on them. You never know what will push you to the top of a candidate list.

Before you embark on your career change, make sure your social media is perfectly polished to depict you as a great candidate in your new career field.

Did your social media presence help you land a job?