This infographic first appeared on last February 6, 2014.

Did you know that more than half of all people who are currently employed are either actively looking for a job or open to new opportunities? It’s true. And a full 71% of the U.S. workforce is currently on the job market.

The numbers don’t lie. Jobvite’s 2014 Social Jobseeker Nation report provides real-world data on how today’s job seekers search, act, and think when it comes to social media and job hunting.

Probably the most important set of numbers in this 2014 study is the number of people finding work with Facebook (75%) and how many job seekers even use LinkedIn (36%). In contrast, recruiters prefer LinkedIn 29% more than Facebook. Makes you wonder where the miscommunication is!

Take a look at this new infographic to learn which social sites provide the greatest value for jobseekers—and how you can capitalize on these statistics in the war for talent.


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