In a time where societal pressures seem to be increasingly molding the way, we choose our career paths, going against the grain, and choosing something outside of the trend may seem difficult to do or even odd. However, there are a few extremely rewarding career paths that are worth choosing and that will fit you like a glove if you display certain personality traits. 

One of them refers to working in aged care – a path so little traveled, yet incredibly rewarding. Having said this, let’s take a closer look at the unexpected rewards you can expect when working in aged care:

1. You’re Going to Improve People’s Lives

Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of working in aged care is the fact that you actively contribute to improving people’s lives. There is so much you can do for aged individuals, ranging from activities in the practical spectrum and all the way to the emotional one. You can help aged persons with basic daily tasks, such as eating or showering, or you can support them in learning how to use adaptive technologies that in turn facilitate their lives.

You can also support aged people in engaging socially and going out, while allowing them to feel safe, guided, and protected. Although it seems like the most difficult challenge for aged citizens is to get around and perform daily tasks, sometimes the most daunting feeling comes from feeling isolated and left behind. 

This is where your companionship would make a world of difference, through your willingness to hear their stories, participate in conversations of all kinds and share a laughter with them. The spiritual and emotional reward you get by offering this type of support is immeasurable.

2. You’ll Have Several Roles to Choose From

Just as any other career path would have it, working in aged care offers a variety of roles for you to choose from. You won’t be required to do everything at once, so you can rest assured you have the possibility to choose a more targeted type of activity when working with aged individuals. 

One of these aged care roles entails activating as a Personal Care Worker. This may encompass duties like administering medicine – only when deemed competent or even qualified, personal hygiene, house cleaning, transportation and communicating the client’s condition to a Care Manager.

On the other hand, a Respite Worker is a healthcare giver that only steps in for short-term needs, while the primary caregiver takes a rest, either on physical or emotional grounds. 

Another role is that of a Community Care Worker whose responsibilities include, among others, behavior management, crisis intervention, planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating all types of activities for the aged people served by that certain organization. You can always get the appropriate aged care qualification you need and start carving your path in this beautiful journey. 

3. You’ll Establish Strong and Meaningful Relationships

Many aged care workers have an increased sense of fulfillment while doing their job and this is often thanks to the rapport they build with the people they care for. Companionship ranks high in importance among aged individuals and this is why conversations will always have a special flavor. Apart from this, they’ll also often go beyond the superficial levels of day-to-day chitchat and deliver plenty of valuable insight on life.

You’ll soon discover that talking to an aged person who is, above all, in need of care, can open up new horizons and increase your level of compassion and understanding, while also enabling you to polish your listening skills. In no time, you’ll establish strong and meaningful intergenerational relationships that will change you as a person and that will only grow tighter as you spend more time together.

All in all, choosing to become an aged care worker can be the choice of a lifetime, with a guarantee to forever change how you feel about life and yourself. Although there are challenges as well, working with aged individuals can be incredibly rewarding and offer you a sense of fulfillment and purpose that’s difficult to equate from behind a desk, for example. 

You’ll have the ability to improve aged people’s lives, help them out with their daily tasks and be the companion they so much crave for. In return, you’ll earn a myriad of powerful insights and beautiful friendships that are difficult to match.

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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