You’ve already seen enough statistics about the tough job market so I don’t want to bore you with more.

The advice that people like Joshua are giving is what we need more of i.e using different ways to stand out in the job search.

One way to stand out is using video.

I want to walk you through 3 quick stories of folks who’ve successfully used video to find a job and accelerate their career.

Music resume – Alec Biedrzycki

After graduating from Bentley University, Alec decided to make a song to describe his job hunt and tell a story.

He conveys his work experience, education and skills in a beautifully written song.

You bet it worked. He ended up getting a job at HubSpot.

Not only that, his video has got over 70000 views till date. Not bad for a recent grad right?

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to leverage your hobbies like singing to apply for jobs.

Turn a resume into a video – Graeme Anthony

We keep hearing the word video resumes over and over again but Graeme took it literally. He made a video for each section that you are likely to see on a resume like portfolio and skills.

Combined, his videos have been viewed over half a million times.

He ended up getting offers from startups to multinational organizations and a whole bunch of press including Forbes.

Takeaway: You can create a video and still look very professional by focusing on the right content.

Announcing your resignation publicly – Marina Shifrin

This is my personal favorite. Marina decided to make a video for her boss that she was resigning from her job.

The video received widespread media attention and has been viewed over 17 million times. Yes that’s 17 million.

Who would’ve thought that a public resignation would actually help Marina instead of hurting her?

Here’s why it worked. She was a copywriter meaning she was a part of a creative industry.

She turned her resignation into an opportunity to show off her creative skills.

It worked wonders for her including getting a job offer on live television from Queen Latifah!

Takeaway: Doing something that’s never been done before may seem scary but you can be surprised at the results. Nothing big was ever gained without a bit of risk.

The bottom line

Humans love stories and there is no better form of storytelling than video.

Being able to to associate a face to a resume can make a huge difference in the minds of employers.

When you apply for a job, you’re just going to be a name in a stack of hundreds of others. But, it’s how you decide to apply will help you stand out.