Job hunting can be a long and tedious process. Moreover, when you are in a situation where you are currently unemployed and in need of income sooner rather than later, there is a lot of pressure on finding a job quickly. It can be frustrating when you are at a point of having sent out multiple applications without so much as an invitation for an interview in return.

You might assume that your qualifications just simply don’t match what a specific recruiter is looking for. While this might be true for some cases, repeatedly receiving negative responses to multiple job applications might be indicative of a deeper problem with how you are presenting yourself and your credentials.

Here are three things that you should look into when you are searching for a job that will either be helping you or hurting your chances of receiving a positive response from potential employers.

1. Your Social Media Pages

In today’s job market, the likelihood that you will receive an invitation for an interview depends on much more than your resume or how you fill out the answers to the questions on a job application. Employers are taking the time to investigate their potential hires a bit by looking them up on social media.

There are many ways in which your social media pages can show that you are a good potential hire, but for the most part, when someone is looking you up on these platforms, they are most likely looking for red flags more than anything else.

Such red flags might consist of unprofessional photos and posts riddled with profanity. Other times a potential employer might shy away from a prospective employee who just generally doesn’t appear to take themselves or their career too seriously.

There is nothing wrong with posting whatever you want on your social media pages. However, if your profiles aren’t of a professional nature, you might consider switching them to private so that only your connections can view them.

Some social media platforms are designed to help employers and potential employees connect. LinkedIn, for instance, is an incredibly popular site of this nature. If you are looking to have a profile on such a site, make sure your resume is up to date, and your qualifications are explained appropriately.

You might also want to use a photo resizer to ensure that any images you post are clear and professional looking. It is that attention to detail that will help you land the job interview that you need.

2. Your Resume

Perhaps your social media pages are all in line and ready for any prospective employer to have a look. Unfortunately, they might not even be taking this step if your resume isn’t up to snuff.

While you might have listed all of the necessary credentials that would make you an excellent candidate, if your resume isn’t polished and organized, then it won’t really matter what you list.

An unpolished resume gives off an unprofessional air and indicates that you don’t pay attention to details. If you want to land a job interview, make sure your resume has the key components that employers are looking for.

3. Your Attire

If you have a polished resume and no red flags show up on your social media pages, you might be able to land an interview. However, the success that you have at that interview will depend on more than your ability to answer questions well.

Your attire says a lot about you to prospective employers. Make sure that you present yourself in a professional manner that indicates how eager you are to be offered a job.

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