The job search is changing and the resume is changing with it. Thanks to a more socially-connected world, the traditional paper resume is feeling a little bit out of date.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should start shredding your paper resume. The resume will most likely continue to be an important document in your job hunt. It’s certainly too soon to be writing the obituary of the traditional paper resume.

A tough job market and the proliferation of new technology means the resume is evolving. Job seekers are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the pack and capture the attention of hiring managers for longer than the average six-second scan.

While the traditional paper resume is most likely here to stay, job seekers are branching out and enhancing their credentials. Here are some ways to take your resume into the future:

The Twesume

In June 2012, Twitter surpassed 500 million accounts, making the microblogging platform a pretty powerful megaphone to promote your resume. So just what is a twesume? It’s an 140 character tagline for your skills and qualifications.

Think of it as your abbreviated elevator pitch. Instead of telling employers about yourself in a few seconds, you can tell them about yourself in a few dozen characters. Just make sure to use these characters wisely. Include links to your long-form resume, video resume, or social media profiles.

You’ll also want to use Twitter hashtags like #resume or #jobs to get your twesume in front of hiring managers. You should definitely do a search before tweeting to see what industry-specific hashtags the movers and shakers in your field are using and incorporate these into your twesume.

The important thing to remember about a twesume is that it’s not the last word about your candidacy. No one is going to hire you after seeing a single tweet. Instead, use the twesume to spark interest and get eyes on your other resume formats.

The Video Resume

Did you know six out of 10 employers are utilizing video interviews in the hiring process? So why aren’t you looking at strategic ways to use online video to stand out from the crowd? A video resume is a great opportunity to connect with hiring managers on a more personal level earlier than in the traditional hiring process.

On video, you can show off your communication skills, personality, and passion for the job. The traditional resume doesn’t really allow you to show off much of your personality and drive. Instead you’re stuck listing your qualifying skills without being able to express why you’re so excited for this great opportunity.

Use the video resume as a place where you can let employers get to know you. More employers than ever are putting emphasis on company culture when it comes to hiring new talent for their organizations. If you do your research into the company, you can use the video resume to stress how you’d be a perfect fit for their corporate environment.

Plus remember the statistic above about how recruiters only spend six seconds on average glancing at a traditional paper resume? Since most video resumes are an average of 60 seconds you’re now getting ten times as much attention.

The Social Profile Resume

We’re social creatures, so it makes sense even the resume is getting a more sociable upgrade. Professional social networking giant LinkedIn has more than 187 million members in over 200 countries. Many of us are even becoming social media junkies, since 23 percent of users check their network of choice more than five times a day.

With all this tweeting, status updating, and pinning going on it makes sense to take advantage of these new social tools to get yourself out in front of hiring managers. Use your social media profiles just like a resume where you list your skills, qualifications, and experience.

While sites like LinkedIn have a more traditional resume format, even your Facebook can be overhauled to look more professional. You want to put your best foot forward in your social resume so make sure your profiles are clean, professional, and show off your accomplishments. Include links to all your relevant information like work portfolios or recommendations so employers have a more concrete idea of exactly what you can accomplish.

Times are changing and you should make sure your resume is evolving with technology in order to snag your dream job!

What are some ways you’ve enhanced your resume? Share in the comments!