Technology has made it much easier to find a job and apply for it. Still, more people are now competing for similar positions, especially if they offer perks like flexible scheduling. You can boost your chances of getting a good job and make the search more efficient by leveraging technology in your search so you stand out.

There are a few ways to make your search as efficient and productive as possible.

Consider Additional Training

If you are having trouble getting a job in your field, you may consider getting additional training in another field where there is a higher demand for workers. For example, the technology and health care industries often struggle to keep up with the demand for workers.

You can find plenty of learning opportunities online, including online degree programs. There are often financial aid options, such as student loans. Even if you are only in school part-time, you can still find funding options that have flexible repayments and low rates.

Use the Right Job Tools

Instead of going from job site to job site, consider utilizing a job search engine instead. They aggregate positions from multiple sites, newspapers, and company sites. You can also use their tools to narrow down the results to only show positions that fit your location, skills, and experience.

Many times, there are options like networking forums, resumes, and job alerts. You can also turn to social media sites to post your accomplishments and talents. You can connect with your network to let them know you are looking for a position, and you can mention the types of positions you are open to.

When you are connected to more people, you are more likely to hear about opportunities. Spend time maintaining your connections with coworkers and old classmates, and connect with new people in your industry.

Use Resume Building Tools

There are lots of tools out there to help you update your resume, and if you are applying to the same position, make sure you don’t send out an exact resume to every position. An employer will need to be able to look over your application quickly to determine if there is a potential fit.

Experience, skills, and training that might be relevant to the position you are looking for should go near the top of your resume. Information that might not be as relevant can go into another part. Online resume-building tools can make it easy to switch your resume up when needed.

Consider Alternative Methods

If you are having trouble getting a job, you may consider starting your own company and working for yourself. There are lots of possibilities if you aren’t afraid to work hard.

For example, if you are good at marketing, you can set up your own online shop, and if you like writing, you can set up a blog. You could even set up and grow your social media accounts to become an online influencer. You could then make money through partnerships with different brands.