Over 50% of small businesses make their humble beginnings out of a home office, basement, or garage. While this is a common strategy for many entrepreneurs to save money on startup costs, more operational office space may become an issue as the business expands.

Trying to meet with clients and having the needed privacy to run your enterprise may become complicated if you are working from home. You may have tried setting up a workspace at a coffee shop or cafe, but these environments can be loud and busy, making it hard to be productive.

Coworking spaces have become a popular alternative office solution for many small business owners. With flexible rental options, various office space locations, and cost-effective prices, coworking could be the perfect answer for your small office needs. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why coworking space is right for your small business and freelancers.

Professional Facility

Some clients may not mind meeting you at your home, but you will benefit from hosting new clients in a more professional space if you are trying to promote a professional image. Coworking spaces offer an elite environment that will leave your clients impressed by the seriousness of your venture. 

You can also rent or book a meeting room in your coworking space for you to entertain clients or conduct larger meetings.

You won’t need to worry about noisy coffee houses, unreliable WiFi signals, or embarrassing interruptions when you work in a coworking space. It will also allow you to list a professional address on your correspondence.


Leasing a traditional office space can be expensive. Small businesses are always looking for ways to cut spending and keep overhead costs low. An office space needs to be outfitted, decorated, and wired for work, increasing the costs of your leasing burden.

Coworking spaces only charge you for the size of the workspace that you need. From only $200 per month, you can rent a small desk from a coworking firm and save the money that it takes to set up an office. You will also be under no obligation to sign on for a multi-year rental contract.


Making contacts is one of the most powerful tools that you can use as a small business owner. You will be surrounded by various freelancers and entrepreneurs in a coworking environment that you can share with and learn from. You will also have instant access to consultants in almost every field to help you as you expand your business.


When you lease a traditional office space, you will likely have to sign on for a multi-year commitment. This can be restrictive to growth or changes to your business. When you rent a coworking space, you have the option to pay for only what you need and set a payment schedule that works for your budget.

Rent a space that will accommodate your current and future needs. You may only need a small desk space right now, but as you expand, you can upgrade your rental to include an entire office suite.

If you are currently working on building your business and are looking for affordable and flexible office space, consider the benefits of working from a coworking environment. You can save money, expand as your needs grow, and create a professional brand that will attract new clients.

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