Maintaining an active, professional online presence is a delicate balance. On one hand, you’d like to be visible to important people in your industry, particularly employers. But on the other hand, you probably don’t want everyone knowing every detail of your life and career.

So how can you pump up your public online presence when job searching, without giving up your privacy? Here are a few ways:

Get The Right Kind Of Attention From Employers By Keeping Your Online Presence Focused
You’ve heard the stories of job applicants getting rejected for sharing a little too much, but you’ve also read that social media is important to the job search. By participating in sites that are focused on your field – for instance, sites like StackOverflow or GitHub are great for software developers – you can navigate through these social media pitfalls to a better, more effective job search.

— Jamey Jeff, RemarkableHire

Social Media Is Not About You; It’s About “Them”
Make contacts with people who work for the kind of company (or the same company) that you want to work for. Find people who have the job you think you want. Reach out to them for information and advice; in many cases, they’ll be more than happy to share what they know and help you if they can. Engage them in a dialog and establish a connection with them. It is a waste of your time to simply post information about yourself online and hope that potential employers will find it.

— Alfred Poor, America’s Success Mentor for Young Employees

Tell A Story And Stay Real
Rather than using social media sites to bitch and complain about a lack of a job or air out too many of your personal demons, take this time to recap some past jobs you’ve had and the lessons you learned along the way from working there. Tell funny stories about things you or your coworkers did or highlight a moment of pride where you worked really hard on a project and were recognized for it. Talk about mistakes made too and what they taught you about working in a specific industry and how to advise others to avoid making those mistakes.

— Heather Taylor, social media manager,

Job Seekers Should Record A Video Resume to Pump Up Their Online Presence
Job seekers should now just assume potential employers will be running their names through a search engine to find out all they can about the candidate. A video resume is a great way for candidates to personalize themselves and their candidacy without giving up too much personal information. On film they can show off their communication skills and personality, without giving employers access to several years of social media history.

— Josh Tolan, Spark Hire

How do you still maintain your privacy when networking online?