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College, ostensibly, prepares participants for their chosen career paths, but tracking down the right entry-level positions comes burdened with its own set of protocols, strategies, and insights, all of which might seem impregnable to the recent graduate. Fortunately, blogs exist to help demystify the overwhelming amount of information applicants have to process. Whether looking for tips on crafting the snazziest resume around or succeeding after scoring a great position, the following resources make for some of the best places to start seeking professional, experienced advice.

  1. Lindsey Pollak: Because this career expert and consultant specifically concerns herself with Generation Y, her official blog will be particularly useful to college students about to hit the job force.
  2. Jobacle.com: Visitors here have a blog and a podcast available for absorbing sometimes unorthodox advice about office life and protocol.
  3. Blog Indeed: Popular job search engine Indeed owns and operates its very own blog with excellent, updated information on the state of the scene, as well as advice for new and old workers alike.
  4. Ms. Career Girl: Like the title states, Ms. Career Girl targets women in the workplace — usually recent college graduates and young professionals — and covers the stories that impact them most.
  5. Young Career Traveler: Students desiring a future that pays them to globe-trot should check out Young Career Traveler for tips, tricks, and information about scoring the perfect international position.
  6. The LinkedIn Blog: Social media-savvy students and pros might want to check out everything new going down at the insanely popular site, which also looks into some general business trends.
  7. Jobs & Careers Blog: Because experience.com’s main audience is composed of students and graduates seeking internships and entry-level positions, their dedicated Jobs & Careers Blog makes for one of the best resources around.
  8. @ work: Candace Moody with WorkSource dishes out the dirt on both successfully scoring a gratifying job and making sure it doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon.
  9. Career CoPilot: This general career blog irons out all the possible kinks employees young and old might encounter in their offices and job trajectories.

  1. Fast Company: Staying on top of technology, design, economics, and business innovations might very well make or break that crucial interview.
  2. Science Careers Blog: Obviously, this resource only really applies to science professionals, making it an ideal read for current, upcoming, and future majors hoping to hit the labs after graduation.
  3. Position Ignition: New and experienced workers alike can learn quite a bit from the UK-based Position Ignition, which covers all the basics of starting or restarting a career with crystal clarity.
  4. Career Rocketeer: Everything from social media and networking to interview advice and that whole “personal branding” thing the kids are into these days gets covered here, so give it a shot when needing to learn more.
  5. MonsterWorking: Job-search leader Monster.com’s official blog is a must-bookmark for soon-to-be grads hoping to land the entry-level position that will someday take them where they want to go.
  6. Office-Politics: Before launching a career, get a head start on how to handle common (and a few less-than-common) problems that crop up when sharing a space with other professionals.
  7. Careerealism: Many young people unfortunately hold some pretty idealistic perspectives of the business world and their place in it. Careerealism isn’t cynical at all, but still does an excellent job of showcasing how things actually go.
  8. Ideas for Job Search, Career and Life: When desiring advice on … umm … job searches, career, and life (not to mention balancing all they entail), this blog ought to be one of the first resources upcoming and new grads should consult.
  9. One Day, One Job: Both the blog and the search engine hosted at One Day, One Job focus on entry-level positions, which obviously means it’s an ideal pick for college kids.
  1. Life After College: Give this extremely valuable resource a look at how to handle the transition between graduation and career — among other hallmarks of adulthood, of course.
  2. Simply Hired Blog: Follow all the advice and job tips here at Simply Hired Blog and maybe, just maybe, end up flourishing in an entry-level position and beyond.
  3. The Chief Happiness Officer: Alexander Kjerulf is often considered an expert on how employers and employees alike can work together and create a harmonious, happy office environment.
  4. On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Seeing as how Anita Bruzzese is often touted as one of America’s greatest workplace columnists, newbies to the corporate scene might want to check out what she has to say before heading into the cubicle jungle.
  5. JobMob: The Israeli-based JobMob hosts both region-specific and near-universal information about hunting down and eventually scoring the perfect entry-level position.
  6. Cube Rules: Up-and-coming “cubicle warriors” head here to learn all about corporate work from the underling’s level, which isn’t always as unpleasant as it sounds, and the skills they must hone to move up.
  7. Job Searching at About.com: Alison Doyle serves as About.com’s official guide to finding a fitting job, and packs her blog and the surrounding site with excellent resources.
  8. EmploymentDigest.net: Hear business experts weigh in on a spectacular array of employment topics, including trends, advice, cover letter and resume help, and plenty more.
  9. The MBA Exchange: Anyone about to complete his or her MBA needs to head toward this special blog and website for career consulting, application tips, and even a free evaluation.

  1. Blue Sky Resumes: Learn all about the most effective strategies to whipping out resumes and other application documents sure to impress employers.
  2. The Hiring Site: CareerBuilder hosts the fabulous Hiring Site (in addition to the equally useful Job Seeker Blog) for all things career, particularly the whole hunting, finding, and landing a position part.
  3. TheJobBored: From hammering out a sexy resume to landing a job to not going bonkers once settled, TheJobBored has visitors covered.
  4. Women For Hire: Despite the name of her blog, Tory Johnson’s detailed career tips extend to all genders, though the scale tips toward the unique challenges women face in the workplace.
  5. The Daily Dose: College students with an entrepreneurial bent might consider The Daily Dose when deciding to create business opportunities for themselves.
  6. JibberJobber: Beyond the job search blog, JibberJobber offers up a free tool helping users keep track of the people they meet, the interviews they attend, and the positions they seek.
  7. Careers Done Write: Debra Wheatman keeps a fabulously detailed resource regarding everything involved in hunting for the perfect position, from penning the best documents to handling the interview process and everything in between.
  8. Figuring Out Fulfillment: Appropriate for college students trying to launch themselves on the trajectories that meet their needs — and even seasoned professionals who find themselves stuck in a rut.
  9. Guerrilla Job Hunting: Learn how to be aggressive when it comes to tracking down the very best jobs, along with straightforward tips on getting ahead once one gets caught.

  1. The Juggle: The Wall Street Journal maintains a frequently updated blog about how to best strike a balance between work life and real life.
  2. Work Coach Cafe: Newbies to the job scene will greatly benefit from the advice about interviews, essential application documents, and pretty much everything else relevant to the career search here.
  3. YPBlogs.com: This very useful blog aggregator cobbles together the most relevant posts aimed at young professionals from all around the web.
  4. The AppGap: For tech-savvy college kids desiring an innovative leg up once they hit the work force, The AppGap will make for a particularly insightful read.
  5. Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom: Let Alexandra Levit’s experiences serve as a rough-and-tumble guide to the ups, downs, ins, and outs of corporate culture before heading off on that job search.
  6. Personal Branding Blog: Even though the whole personal branding thing stands as a quite divisive concept, job-hungry students and graduates who think it right for them should seek out the Internet’s foremost blog on the subject.
  7. CareerDiva.net: MSNBC’s Eve Tahmincioglu dishes on everything from finding the right work-life balance to overarching labor issues — and more or less whatever else one can think of when it comes to careers.
  8. Fistful of Talent: Hear directly from HR and recruiting professionals about their industry as well as what they want in a desirable employee.
  9. Keppie Careers: Information for those seeking employment and entrepreneurship opportunities are the name of the game here, with some great networking and social media pointers available as well.