When it comes to looking for a job, the one thing the world isn’t lacking is career blogs. Many people are willing to share their job-hunting experiences to help others achieve similar success, but a lot of those blogs are stale and tiring — even compared to the job hunt itself!

Thankfully, the following five blogs have their finger on Generation Y’s pulse. These bloggers recognize Generation Y goals, share relatable work experiences, and offer useful advice for your job search:

Brazen Moxie

Brazen Moxie is a career blog dedicated to helping readers leave their comfort zone and get on the career fast track. Founder Elizabeth’s career development philosophy states that loopholes and hard work will help readers find a better and faster way to their dream job. The blog’s fresh perspective stems from Elizabeth’s 10 years of experience as a career coach and meteoric professional growth (she went from executive assistant to the senior executive head of marketing in two years).

Thinking about grad school? Brazen Moxie has a post on that. Need promotion tips? Brazen Moxie has them. With posts with an estimated reading time between three to eight minutes, Brazen Moxie provides readable, actionable information to help people realize their professional dreams.


Jobacle’s founder Andrew Rosen started the blog in 2005 after failing to find career sites that were truly useful and relevant to his situation. Now in its seventh year, Jobacle is a comprehensive career blog, offering career advice, interview tips, resume templates, and more.

While Jobacle’s official “Gen Y Career” section only has 11 posts, the site actually has significantly more posts on the subject. Searches for “college” and “graduate” turn up numerous posts on topics relevant to Generation Y. Whether it’s a post on the value of volunteer experience on a resume or a post on the pros and cons of freelance work, Jobacle shows the reality of the working world and how to best succeed in it.

Lauren K. Gray

For those interested in communications, Lauren K. Gray’s blog is quite a helpful career resource. Gray is a public relations account executive based in New York City, a recent college graduate, and the current president of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Gray’s blog is a mix of career advice as well as up-to-date coverage of marketing, public relations, and social media trends.

On her blog, Gray provides useful insight into campaigns and social media, giving aspiring communications professionals a better understanding of the field. As for job search help, Gray offers tips on building digital portfolios and maintaining a clean social media presence, which is no surprise given her passion for social media and all things digital.

Life Without Pants

Many members of Generation Y place immense value on freedom and fulfillment at work. As an entrepreneur, Matt Cheuvront understands this on a personal level. He started Life Without Pants in 2009 to help others achieve that success in both their professional and personal lives.  Through Life Without Pants, Cheuvront seeks to inspire people to discover their passion, embrace their creativity and lead the life they truly want.

Understandably, many posts on Life Without Pants focus on entrepreneurship, for example, “You Don’t Have to be Rich to be an Entrepreneur,” but one of the most shared posts is “Never Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else’s Middle,” a brief piece on maintaining the right perspective on work and accomplishments. Whether Cheuvront is writing about entrepreneurship or how getting fired changed his life for the better, Life Without Pants tends to tackle important issues working and aspiring professionals face today.

Ms. Career Girl

As the name suggests, Ms. Career Girl is a blog aimed at helping young women lead fulfilling professional and personal lives. In fact, at the top of the About page, it says: “We believe you can have it all.” Founded in 2008 by Nicole Crimaldi Emerick, the frequently updated blog features posts on all aspects of life as a young working professional.

As far as career advice goes, Ms. Career Girl’s focus is on helping young women actively control their careers rather than passively slip into them. The site recognizes that it may take time and some trial and error to find the perfect job, so it offers tips to help you get there.

From posts on changing careers to attending grad school to further your career, and emphasizing the value of a side job (blogging, resume writing, etc.) to your job security, Ms. Career Girl strives to give women the tools necessary to succeed in a professional and personal level.