If there is one thing I’ve become good at over the last 10 years, it is getting a job!

Though keeping one hasn’t been my strongest suit 🙂

I’d like to think that I’ve learned a lot about the Job search, not just from tons of experience, but also from getting 1st class coaching during my MBA, running a 15,000 member group on Linkedin and regularly refining my strategies in one of the worst job markets in the country….

After several requests from people who want to better understand how to use Social Media for their job search or career change, I’ve decided to hold a workshop in July this year…Just in Portland, OR.

The “Spray and Pray” method of sending your resume out to 1,000 people just doesn’t work anymore. In fact, it is counter productive. These days, we need to be targeted and armed with real time information about the companies we want to work for. And there is nothing better for this kind of research than Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter.

The 2 hour training is going to be VERY hands on. I’ll try to fit in everything I know and have learned from some of the best about social media strategies for the job hunt. If you are unemployed or are just seeking other work and you Live in Oregon, come check this out. . .

Here are 5 Tips on Using Social Media for Energizing your Job Search:

  1. One of the best resume tools I’ve used is called Visual CV. You can literally share your entire work portfolio before they even meet you. There are some cool ways to integrate it into other better known networks such as Linkedin so that you are completely controlling what type of information people can get about you.
  2. Update your Linkedin profile weekly, updates are posted and sent out in emails. This keeps you top of mind.
  3. More than 1/2 of CEOs are on Twitter. If you are looking for a business contact, chances are they are on Twitter. Do you have an account yet?
  4. Set up a “Google Alert”, so you’ll know if your name shows up in any news, blogs or websites…And you’ll be better prepared to answer any unexpected questions!
  5. Think about what value you can bring to the table. Include some useful information in a social media message as an FYI on Twitter or Linkedin. This shows you are not just another resume, but someone who cares about the organization. They’ll appreciate your gumption.

If you are in Portland, Come to the workshop, check it out here.