If you’ve worked in a business with a good intranet, then you know there are lots of benefits to them, however, if you’re wondering if an intranet is right for your business, then the answer is yes!

Here are five motives to create a company intranet.

Keep People Informed

An intranet is a great place to keep people informed about what’s going on with your business. Its somewhere people can easily access the information they need and ask the questions they need answering.

A good intranet platform like Simpplr can make it easy for employees to find all the information that they need in one place, allowing them to get on with their job more quickly. Whether it’s vital information such as a hurricane policy, or little tips on how to do the job more effectively, it’s all there on the intranet and can be easily searched.

Entertain a Diverse Community

If your only aim with your intranet is to inform, then you’re going to find it hard to engage people. You want people to keep coming back to the intranet and to see it as an important resource, and one of the ways you can do this is by making it entertaining.

Your company brings together a diverse group of people in one community, so use your intranet to bring them together. People enjoy knowing what’s going on in their company and engaging with the other people in it, so give them that opportunity.

Give people the entertaining content they’re looking for and make your intranet a source of pride and joy.

Facilitate Communication

It’s amazing how people can work in a huge company, surrounded by people, and yet, feel very isolated. You go in each day, and you might work in a small team, or on your own, and you just don’t get the interactions with other people that you would like.

An intranet is an opportunity to facilitate this communication, and to allow people to benefit from the community they are a part of. By giving the people within your company a voice to express themselves, you can bring them together and make people feel happier in their work environment.

Whether people want to discuss the latest techniques for their work, a charity project, or simply an after-work quiz night, an intranet gives them a platform to do this that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Build Your Company Culture

Building the right company culture is an important step for any business, and an intranet can help you do this. This is the perfect place to highlight company goals, introduce new initiatives, and reward those people who exemplify your company culture.

Culture is something that is built up over years of hard work, but by using your intranet, you can start to make positive changes. Through good communication, you can receive the buy-in of your workforce and continue to highlight the great work you’re doing as a business and as individuals.

When you see other people within your organization doing amazing work, you’re inspired to do the same.

Bring People Together

People spend so much of their lives at work. In the right working environment, this is a place where people can form strong relationships and build bonds that serve them well in both their personal and professional lives. However, in the wrong environment, it can be a place where people are quite isolated.

If you want to keep high-quality employees, then you need to be providing the right work environment, and your intranet can help do this by bringing people together.

Community is an important aspect of a business, and that’s what an intranet is about.

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