Your About Me page isn’t a resume or cover letter, so there is no use in making it sound like one. Chances are that if you are a blogger, you will at some point your work to a prospective employer.

Considering how frequently people view the About page on any given website (Google Analytics tells us that it’s in the top 10 most viewed for most pages), there is a great chance that a prospective employer will take a look at it, too.

Don’t worry. A solid About me page will reel any employer in right off the bat. Still, there are a few things you can do to cater the page towards an employer, and hopefully leave them reaching out for an interview.

To be successful, all About pages should do these 5 things:

1. Tell people who you are


A solid About page should be able to explain to the reader who you are. I don’t just mean your first and last name, either. Where do you come from? What happened in your past that molded you into the person you are today?

These aren’t always easy questions to answer, especially because us, humans, are ever-evolving, tricky creatures. But if you have a solid foundation to build from, and you are comfortable sharing a bit about yourself, you absolutely should.

Of course it’s important to try to make this about the job you want. If you are vying to become a writer, explain who you are in relation to that. When did you realize you wanted to write? Did you do it as a child? Everyone likes a good story, so don’t be afraid to tell yours.

2. Describe your experience


If you are hoping to get a job out of your About Me page, it’s clear that you should at least touch upon your experience. What makes you the right fit for the job? What have you accomplished that sets you apart from others?

If you aren’t all that experienced in the professional world, it is still important to showcase your talents to things you’ve worked on in the past. It’s perfectly acceptable to brag a bit, so long as you don’t go totally overboard.

Your About page should sell you, so let people know what they are getting themselves into. What makes you different? What have you accomplished? Show it off here.

3. Explain your passion(s)


This is completely different than telling your experiences. While you may not have many professional accomplishments, you can have a passion.

Above, we see in two very simple sentences just what this guy loves to do. He even adds a picture, just in case you needed more proof. Tell us the story of how these passions came about, and what you’ve done to help them flourish.

4. Show off your personality


Just this past weekend, I got forced out to see a local 80’s cover band. They were absolutely bizarre and awesome, with all of the guys wearing outlandish masks.

I took a look at their website the next day, went to their About page (because that’s what people do when they want to know more about something), and saw this FAQ.

Equal parts informative and funny, I came to realize that this About page worked so well because it showed their personalities. They don’t take themselves too seriously, so you shouldn’t take them too seriously. If someone was to hire them, they would know exactly what they were signing up for.

Does this mean that you should be totally unprofessional in your own About page? Absolutely not. But it does mean that you should show who you are. Be approachable and personable. A great tip is to read your own page out loud. If it reads like an essay or textbook, it may not be the right conversational tone.

5. Be honest


If you’ve accomplished a lot in your professional career, that’s amazing and you should be proud of yourself. If you haven’t, that’s okay too. Whatever you do, don’t lie just to make yourself sound better.

It’s all but a guarantee that you will lose any and all credibility that you had. If you have a lot of passion but very little experience, say that. If you’re a work in progress, don’t be afraid to admit it.

There is nothing worse than finding out that someone is lying about who they are. Don’t fake a personality that isn’t yours just because you think it will make you sound better. Don’t tell people that you’ve accomplished something you haven’t. Be you, whoever that is, and let that speak for itself.