A resume is like an advertisement for your great communication skills and talents and is something that needs to draw attention to stand out. Take a tube of toothpaste for example. It may have all the properties and ingredients of an excellent top tier toothpaste, but if it does not have a good advertisement to go along with it, the chances are that no one in its potential consumer market will know of it or even give it a second glance.

When recruiters look at a resume, they are often looking for specific qualities that they think are suitable for the job.

People may spend a lot of money on getting a professional resume done, but the task of creating a good resume is more straightforward than one might think. To make it easier for you, we are here to show you how you can make a good resume for yourself to draw the attention of recruiters, and to get those interview calls pouring in. Here is a compiled list of some of the definitive things that one must add in their resume, and the pointers that recruiters tend to look out for.

1. Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a boon to any company and make for great employees, which is why having excellent communication skills somewhere on your resume can work well for you. Recruiters like seeing this, and gives you an edge over others who do not mention anything about them being able to communicate well.

Because of the diverse mediums through which people communicate, it is also essential to mention that you will be able to communicate through virtual as well as personal mediums efficiently. Things like proficient email communication coupled with a good speaking ability do wonders for a CV, making it one of the top things that recruiters look out for, and something that must be a highlight of every good CV. If you are unsure of how good your communication skills are, go over a few articles and courses to know what you need to work on, and how to work on it.

If you take a look at any sample of administrative assistant resume, you will see that this thing is stated there. A worker that manages to keep people engaged and makes himself easily understood always gets the bonus points.

2. Proficiency

Being proficient at what you do, and noting that down on your CV is another thing that recruiters tend to look out for. Recruiters don’t want a jack of all traits and want someone who can do the job efficiently and to the best of their abilities. Highlighting the things that you are more proficient in, particularly one that is good for the job always looks good on a resume.

Being proficient at something also says that you have worked hard to reach that level with a particular skill, which is always a big positive when it comes to choosing the right employees. Even those who are looking to get jobs in entry-level positions should find something that they are proficient with and put it down on their resume.

3. Good Work Ethic

Even though there is no precise definition of a good worth ethic, it is something that recruiters like to see when scanning through dozens of resumes. At the end of the day, these recruiters are looking to find the best people to work with and having someone with a good work ethic makes working with one another a whole lot easier.

Even if you aren’t too sure if you have a good work ethic or not, pen it down so that recruiters will have something that separates you from the rest of the crowd of people applying for the same job. If you want to understand what work ethic is all about, again you can try out reading some articles or taking some courses. This is very important since people like working with someone who is easy to gel with and is good at what they do.

4. Eager to Learn and Grow

Learning is a process that never stops, no matter what point in your career you reach. Even though it is something that everyone experiences, recruiters tend to select those who mention that they are eager to learn and grow. Seeing this shows the recruiters that the people they are looking to interview are open to self and professional development, and will not get stunted with faced with hard challenges or any adversary.

People who are willing to grow to tend to make better leaders in the future, and therefore make for good long-term choices for corporates, which is why they choose people who mention this.

5. Loyalty

The final thing on our list of things that people must mention on their CV is loyalty. While citing this is easy, it is also important to showcase it in the work that you do, and in the experiences that you encounter; being loyal is not easy or simple, like some would think.

Recruiters don’t want someone who will stay at a job only for a period of six months before they leave for something more exciting. They want people who will remain with them for a considerable amount of time and provide an excellent value to the company who is choosing to employ them. Loyalty goes a long way, which is why it is one of the most sought-after things that recruiters look out for in a CV.


With these handy tips, you are sure to draw attention to your CV and get job offers flooding in. Remember to try your best to stay true to your CV so that employers don’t get too surprised when you walk in for an interview with them.