After all that hard work you put into the dressing to impress and answering all those difficult questions, what should you be doing after a job interview? Sure, you can treat yourself, but I wouldn’t celebrate just yet … don’t forget that there are still things to be done. After all, you haven’t heard the magic words yet: “When can you start?”

  1. Continue the job search. It’s not over till it’s over. An interview does not guarantee you the job.  You must be aware that you were interviewed along with other applicants – probably in a long queue. So until you receive that phone call congratulating you for being chosen to work for the company, continue sending those resumes. Keep looking out for job vacancies and submit applications ASAP.
  2. Say thank you. You lose nothing by sending a message of gratitude to the company or the interviewer.  Just send a simple thank you note for having considered your application.  Thanking them can project an image of a grateful and well-mannered applicant and earn you some brownie points on your application.
  3. Evaluate. Right after the interview, recall what happened. What went wrong? What went right? What can be improved? These are questions you have to ask yourself and take time to truthfully answer. Evaluating your recently concluded interview can help you do better in the next Q&A you will encounter. Being better in the next interview can bring you closer to your objective.
  4. Remember the difficult questions. Take note of the questions you were asked during the interview, especially the difficult ones. You might just encounter them again. In succeeding interviews, you will be able to anticipate some of the questions and come prepared to answer them. You should be able to impress them the next interviewer – better than the last time.
  5. Make a follow-up call. It’s never wrong to call and ask about your status. Just don’t be too nosy or pushy.  Sometimes the HR Department appreciates a call and sees it as an indicator that you’re a very determined applicant. On the other hand, being too persistent might give the impression that you are impatient; this could impact your application in a not-so-great way.  Keep the word moderation in mind.

A quick tip:  Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated. While the interview will help them decide, recruiters will find time to check your online profile. If you’d like to attract top employers to your LinkedIn profile, check out Joshua’s LinkedIn Writing Service.

Post-interview activities are just as important as pre-interview To Dos. Do not forget that every step in getting the job is, in fact, crucial. Do not take anything for granted. Focus on the nitty-gritty.  Remember: Persistence is the twin sister of excellence.