If you want to start your writing career but don’t know how to do it, the best way is to go on a free flight. Yes, we are talking about freelance. As a rule, beginning freelancers get not too difficult tasks, but this is enough to get the first experience,overcome the first difficulties and begin to improve your writing skills for money.

In this article, we will talk about the five most effective ways to earn using your writing skills, while remaining free from 9-5 office work.

The Most Obvious Way Is Freelance Platforms

Yes, this is the most obvious option, but it is also the most difficult. Let’s face it right away – it will be hard enough to promote yourself on sites like Upwork or Freelancer.

But, as usual, nothing is impossible. The main thing is the right approach. If at the moment writing talent is all that you have, and it is not yet supported by real experience, you need to start fixing it. Obviously, you need to register, fill out your profile, and give information about your education and skills.

After that, you will have to develop a very personalized strategy for searching for the first customers. Look for such projects, the creators of which directly say that they are ready to work with beginners. Responding to each such announcement, create an individual response, describe your merits, and explain why you are ideally suited to be a task performer. Of course, you will not immediately get a positive result. But remember, knock and it shall be opened.

It is important to know! It is not only hard to compete on these platforms. It’s also hard just to get there. For example, Upwork limits the number of registration of new users, if many similar specialists are already registered.

Job Portals – a Traditional Way That Still Works

A lot of companies are looking for freelancers in the traditional way. They look at resumes of potential candidates and post announcements about their projects. Therefore, do not be too lazy to create a good resume and post it on popular platforms such as Indeed and Glassdoor.

In addition, view already published vacancies. Many companies are ready to work with beginner specialists, provided that you really know how to write well, understand the specifics of blog posts or SEO texts, or at least are able to analyze technical requirements and fulfill them.

When submitting your resume, add a cover letter. As in the previous paragraph, focus on your strengths. Be sure to write that you are ready to complete the test task. Show your sincere interest in a particular project.

Ask Students If They Need Help

Believe, they need. Today, getting an education is not only a necessity dictated by the world labor market, but it is also a fashionable trend. The number of students only increases every year. And each of them receives a lot of homework, which must be completed on time.

That is why such writing services TrustMyPaper, StudicusGrabMyEssay and dozens of others are very popular today. And they not only provide assistance to students with their essays, but also very often hire new authors, because the flow of clients is very large.

And best of all, it will not be so difficult to get the position of freelance academic writer. You will need to register, indicating your correct personal data, and either pass a small test, or write a short essay.

All you need to know is the basic academic styles of formatting, follow the standard structure of the essay, use the latest scientific sources and, of course, express your thoughts clearly and comprehensively. 

So, here are the main advantages of such cooperation:? it’s relatively easy to get this job? you will have the opportunity to independently plan your schedule and the number of tasks performed? you will be able to constantly develop your academic writing skills and update your knowledge of the college or university program. 

Important! In the summer, the number of orders decreases, so you will need to plan your budget in the high season so that in the summer you still have money to live on.

Social Networks and Their Hidden Capabilities

Social networks today are no longer about entertainment. These are very powerful business tools, so we suggest you use their capabilities.

The largest number of offers for those who are looking for work, not even necessarily related to writing, is, of course, in Linkedin. Be sure to create a profile on this social network and start expanding your network of contacts. Add HR managers to your connections, subscribe to companies that offer opportunities for freelance writers.

And of course, make sure your profile looks attractive. It should not be worse than your CV. It should be even better.

Hint! Post some of your articles to show your real skills. This will be the best recommendation for potential employers.

By the way, stop admiring photos of your friends on Instagram. You can use this platform to search for new opportunities. Since you are not limited to the geography of one city, look for all publications with corresponding hashtags, for example, #freelancewriterneeded#hireafreelancewriter, #wearehiringwriters and so on. 

Networking in Reality

Above, we have listed online ways to search for freelance writing position. But in addition, you can tell your friends, relatives, former classmates and just acquaintances in a personal conversation about your intention. The theory of five handshakes actually works in practice. It is very likely thatsomeone will tell someone that you are looking for a freelance writer position and you will receive an invitation to an interview.


We recommend starting with the simplest. Tell us about your intention to your circle of acquaintances. Next, select the following incremental search methods. Start your search with social networks, then move towards academic writing companies, and over time, you will grow to the level of worthy competition on freelance platforms. And do not forget to always keep your CV updated!

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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