The most important thing you should be focusing on after your graduate is your resume. That old one you submitted for your internship isn’t going to cut it.

To help you out, here are five ways to update your resume so you get accepted for a job that you actually want.

Experience Over Education

As a college graduate, you’ll be tempted to showcase your education as an accomplishment (which it is!). However, most companies will prefer those with experience. So if you already have work experience, make sure to put that on top of your resume. Recruiters will take more stock in that than they do with your degree.

But what if you have no work experience? If that’s the case, then yes, list your education on top of your resume. There will be companies who are specifically looking for fresh graduates. If you did some coursework relevant to the job you’re applying for or classes that are outside of your major, include that as well. Add in awards and honors that are relevant to the professional world too.

Narrow Down Your Experience

You may have had a lot of experience working at part-time jobs and internships but not all of that is going to matter to your employer. Look at your previous work experience when you were in high school and college and narrow it down to only the most relevant to your field. You want to focus on ones that highlight your best traits like good communication skills, being a team player, honesty, etc.

Update Your Contact Information

Your email address from college may not be as well-suited in the professional world. Pay attention to your contact information and update it if needed. Using a silly email name such as [email protected] or [email protected] will not get you hired.

As a general rule, your email address should include your first and last name. Avoid using anything silly or suggestive. Only your peers will be impressed by that, not the hiring manager. Also, do not use numbers or underscores. The logic behind using your name in your email is that you want people in your professional network including the HR department, to easily find you.

Make Your Resume ATS Compliant

Nowadays, recruiters automate most of the hiring process with the help of ATS. It filters out applicants based on their resume and if yours don’t make the cut, you have no way of bagging that interview.

Make sure yours meets the ATS standards by making it simple and relevant. Look out for keywords used in the job posting and sprinkle those throughout your resume. Avoid repetitive language and get to the point. Do not use complicated fonts, colors, and graphics. But then you also have to make sure it’s readable and pleasing to the recruiter.

It can be tricky to strike a balance of making it readable for both machine and human so you may need to use resume writing tools to ensure your meet both standards.

Don’t Forget Your LinkedIn

Update your LinkedIn profile as well! This is very important because it acts as a social network that will connect you to thousands of recruiters. When updating your resume, make sure you put a link to your LinkedIn profile. This is your evergreen resume online that employers will look into in case they need more information about you. You can even customize your URL so it looks clean and professional on your resume.

Which of these resume hacks have you tried already? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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