You hear a lot about high school graduate success stories on TV. Maybe amazing ones, like the high school dropout who aimed high and became a billionaire success story. 

But statistically speaking, success stories usually never happen overnight. The facts show that dream careers for the majority of people require careful planning and lots of hard work. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss what the statistics show about getting your degree before pursuing your dream – and the benefits that a degree will bring you. 

Statistics on College vs High School Graduates

According to the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), college graduates have a much easier life and career success, compared to high school graduates. 

Students with a Bachelor’s degree are about 50% more likely to find a job than students without one. High school graduates make 62% of what college graduates make. While that might not seem like an exceptional statistic, that’s about a $32,000 difference in salary – a big deal! 

There are also other benefits to consider. 

1. College graduates are more likely to find jobs online. 

Companies seeking college graduates are more likely to advertise jobs online. According to some surveys, college graduates see 57% more job openings than non-graduates. Many high school job openings aren’t even posted online, but are local or are advertised with signage. 

For the internet-savvy worker, college training prepares you for a vast online world. 

2. The best bachelor’s degrees teach specific skills. 

A bachelor’s degree is not a generalized course of knowledge. Ideally, the course teaches you specific skill sets you will need to excel in a career field. These courses are created with a particular career path in mind, oftentimes by an industry expert. 

3. Having a college degree will always give you a competitive edge. 

Unless a high school graduate has an unusual skill or USP, so to speak, companies are always more inclined to hire a college graduate. Graduates have proven experience in finishing challenging assignments. They already understand basic principles of business, which a high school graduate may have to take time to learn. 

Some of the most valuable skill sets are not necessarily mathematical or technical. Communication skills, leadership mindset, critical thinking, problem-solving, and other real-world skills are taught in most college degree programs. 

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4. College graduates offer more life and family benefits. 

While it’s true that there are many high school educated entrepreneurs, they usually work in a feast or famine type of business. On the other hand, college graduates usually get extra perks from a company because of their value to the business. 

These benefits might include healthcare, retirement investment, paid travel expenses and paid vacation or personal time off. These benefits are rarely offered to high school graduates, who face a much more independent path. 

5. College grads have more connections. 

While the door is not exactly held open for you, compared to a high school graduate, college grads really do get to network with VIPs on a regular basis. 

You can volunteer, intern, and meet educators who know people. It’s just smart business, and part of a long-term success plan – to get out and network. Well-connected professionals are always meeting people, getting new opportunities, and being given a heads up on the latest industry news. 

That networking system starts in college, not in a fiercely independent line of work. 

6. Bachelor’s degrees are profitable!

While many students worry about paying back student loans, most statistics show that the majority of BA graduates do pay their loans off and advance into a profitable career. If you choose a career shrewdly then you will find return-on-investment. In fact, some estimates said 72% of surveyed graduates said they paid off their student loans or expect to in the very near future. 

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7. College grads have greater job satisfaction. 

The reason for this statistic could be that most university graduates see their current job as a stepping stone to a better one. In fact, almost 90% of graduates say they are already working towards a better opportunity, compared to 57% of high school graduates. 

Almost 60% of university graduates say they are satisfied with their job, compared to 38% of high school grads who admit their job is just working paycheck to paycheck. 

Think Big!

Fear of the unknown holds back many people from going to college and pursuing their dream job. But you’re never too old to go back to school and start changing the course of your life. Why not start looking for courses today?