Those who can speak two or more languages have a competitive edge over other job seeking candidates, regardless of industry. Those who speak both Spanish and English are desirable to employers across the country, as the Hispanic population in the United States has steadily increased over past decades. As a significant percentage of the U.S. population is Spanish-speaking, the need for employees that speak both English and Spanish has increased.

Bilingual employees can improve communication between business and client, and serve an important role in many departments. As the world of business is increasingly globalized, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career through your language abilities. If you’re fluent in both English and Spanish, consider one of these career options.

1. Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are employed in all industries, and tasked with helping customers and clients find the information they need or solve the problems they present. Speaking more than one language in this type of position is a true asset; you’re able to help a larger demographic of customers and answer questions for numerous clients. Because you can assist a greater number of customers, pay for these positions is often higher than it is for only-English speakers.

2. Social Workers

Social workers play an important role in the lives of both individuals and families. They communicate with clients about personal, deeply intimate matters. Because of the sensitivity of these issues, it’s best if social workers can speak with their clients in their first language. Communities that boast large populations of Hispanic people are often in need of Spanish-speaking social workers. If you’re interested in helping people, are a truly empathetic person, and practice active listening, social work could be the right position for you.

3. Human Resources Professional

Human resources professionals are tasked with recruiting needs, and as Latinas are expected to make up almost 20 percent of the U.S. labor force by 2020, companies will be in pursuit of English and Spanish speakers. As human resource specialists are tasked with interviewing and training new employees, the ability to communicate easily with new hires is essential.

4. Hospitality

Those in the hospitality industry deal with many individuals from various parts of the globe. They may often deal with visitors who don’t speak English but need assistance with accommodations, transportation, entertainment, and more. Working in hospitality could mean taking on a variety of roles. Whether you’re interested in concierge services at a global hotel chain, want to become tour guide, or you’re considering pursuing a role as flight attendant, your ability to speak both English and Spanish can work in your favor.

5. Teaching

If you have a passion for teaching, whether that be to children or adults, your bilingual abilities could be a true asset. Many school districts across the United States are in dire need of bilingual teachers to help teach children whose first language is not English. Your bilingual speaking abilities as an educator will also make you qualified for jobs in teaching positions around the globe. Getting your teaching credential could help you put your language abilities to use.

6. Freelance Work

If you’re settled in a career but want to create a supplementary form of income, consider trying your hand at freelancing. There are many employers looking for remote workers to translate important documentation from English to Spanish, and vice versa. A look at any freelancing website shows a variety of positions are available for English to Spanish translators. With remote job opportunities, you can decide when you work and where you work, making this a great job opportunity for those looking for flexibility.

Speaking a second language fluently can significantly improve your chances of landing a high-paying, fulfilling job. If you speak both English and Spanish, and want to make a career move, consider one of these positions and determine where your skillset may best help you succeed.