If you’re tired of your old desk job and want to travel the globe, you don’t always have to be a millionaire. Several incredible careers allow you to live and work worldwide, and many of them don’t require a degree or certification, which is perfect if you’re up for a change.

Professionals Who Want to Travel Will Love These 6 Careers

Getting paid for exploring the world isn’t the only perk the following jobs offer, but it definitely helps. Here are 6 careers that professionals who want to travel will absolutely love.

1. Travel Writers or Authors

Thanks to the internet, writers, authors and other creatives can work from anywhere, but if you want to create a career out of travel, try travel blogging. While it isn’t easy to make money in this profession, especially at first, you have the potential to make six or seven figures a year.

To make money as a travel blogger, you’ll need to make your own products, make money through Adsense, or become a travel copywriter who works for an independent agency.

2. LTAC Travel Nurses 

LTAC travel nursing or long-term acute care nurses help patients who are recovering from or currently in a long-term health battle. Demand is always high for travel nurses, but especially for long-term acute care professionals because traditional care facilities can’t host them.

Travel nurses consistently make 4 times what a traditional registered nurse makes and experience many other benefits, such as international work experience and paid-for lodging. You need to be a licensed nurse with a diploma, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree to apply.

3. ESL English Teacher

About a quarter of the world speaks English, but there are potentially 75% of the globe that wants to learn English as a second language (ESL). If you don’t have a teaching degree, you’ll still be able to find work in non-English speaking countries if you get a TEFL certificate.

A TEFL certificate gives you the qualifications to teach ESL, but most countries will require a bachelor’s degree of any kind to work abroad, so do your research before applying.

4. Event Coordinator

Many event coordinators find fulfilling work in their home country, but they may be limiting themselves if they don’t consider the hundreds of festivals that take place around the world. You typically won’t need a degree, but a bachelor’s of Marketing or Public Relations is a plus.

While being an event coordinator doesn’t require travel, it’s definitely one of those jobs that allow you to travel. Some international work experience could give you the clout to coordinate more high-profile product launches, trade shows, sporting events, and movie awards.

5. Photojournalist

Being a journalist has its ups and downs that are mostly related to being on camera. Sure, you’ll be famous, but if you’re camera-shy, you may go viral for flubbing a word or two. But if you’re a photojournalist, you get to work behind the scenes, take photos, and travel the globe.

While many photojournalists work freelance, you can also find stable work as a journalist for a news network or a magazine, like National Geographic, Vogue, and other big names.

6. Crew Ship or Flight Attendant

Since both careers are in hospitality and don’t require a degree, you could work as both a crew ship and flight attendant. Crew ship attendants get to stay for free on luxury cruisers, whereas flight attendants often get to spend time in a different country during overnight layovers.

Most airlines or cruise lines will train you if you don’t have prior experience and show a desire to learn. If you have a pleasing personality, great communication skills, and can speak multiple languages, you’ll likely be chosen for a training course.