Building a brand is not an easy job. In this age of social media and fast-moving content, branding might seem like a piece of cake. But a lot goes behind the success of a brand, no matter how big or small it is.

The fashion industry is evolving fast, and so are the marketing tactics of fashion brands. If you have a union-made clothing brand, you might be feeling the pressure of competition with other clothing brands in the market. But with carefully curated tactics, you can create a positive brand image among your customers and generate great sales.

Below are six ways you can brand your union-made clothing business.

Build a Website

Whether you’re selling online or offline, having a website is mandatory for any new business nowadays. A well-developed website will have all your product and price listed, along with care instructions, and other tidbits about the brand. Customers of all walks will visit your website every day, so the website must be easy to navigate. The payment process should also be secure so that your customers find your website trustworthy enough to make a purchase.

A professionally made website can cost you quite a few thousand dollars. You can also get one made on WordPress and other similar applications. You can also create a Shopify store and easily manage your clothing brand from there.

Create a Facebook Page

Joining social media is a great way for any brand to gain customer attention, and there are no better social media platforms other than Facebook. A majority of the world’s population is on this platform, and it has slowly become a great marketplace for brands and sellers.

Creating a Facebook page is easy and self-explanatory. Take high-quality pictures for posting on your page. Your brand logo should be in focus, and the page should appropriately direct the customers to your website.

Facebook ads can be tricky, but spending some money on ads and enhancing the reach of your product can also result in great sales. But be sure to use professionally taken pictures and good copy to ensure conversion.

If you’re a designer and want to focus on personal branding, you can create a separate personal brand page and link it back to the product page.

Join Instagram and Tiktok

People are slowly gravitating towards visual content such as pictures and short videos. The two platforms that are great for posting these visual contents and ensuring customer interaction are Instagram and Tiktok. Joining these platforms is easy, but building them might require a great deal of effort. You can post simple product pictures on the Instagram feed, but for the reels and Tiktoks, you have to get a little more creative and build small, 15-20-second videos that entertain people and at the same time talk to them about your product features.

Both Tiktok and Instagram have built-in editors, so you won’t have to learn professional video-editing software.

Create a Pinterest Account

Pinterest is another free platform for marketers. It is also known as a visual search engine. The website was originally used to gather ideas or inspirations, but it slowly became popular for fashion brands to build a customer base and directly send them to the website for making a purchase.

Opening an account on Pinterest is very easy. The business model is also easy to use and navigate. Keyword research is a vital part of Pinterest marketing and it ensures better reach and great results. 

Create a Community

Having a sense of community among your customers is a must when it comes to branding union-made products. The sense of belongingness keeps them coming back. A good way to create a sense of community would be to create a club with membership for your brand. You can also create a Facebook group where your customers can join, share their products, and take reviews of new products from other users.

Maintain a Strong Brand Voice Across Channels

Creating a brand also requires you to maintain a strong brand voice across all channels. If your brand aims to focus on the development and welfare of unionized workers, be vocal about it in your brand statement, mission, and vision statements.

All social media platforms, all copy, and captions should maintain the brand voice and deliver the message regularly to the customers. This will ensure that the brand voice is maintained, and it will create a unified perception of your brand in the minds of the customers. 

Starting a business is always exciting. But many businesses fail because of a lack of proper branding. If you have a union-made clothing brand and are struggling to create a brand strategy for it, you can try the steps above to ensure its growth and achieve high sales.