With 500 million users and counting, LinkedIn’s popularity is only skyrocketing. With most recruiters and managers turning to LinkedIn to hire a job, it is advisable to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. Not just for job searching, LinkedIn is an essential tool to possess even for professional networking.

Here are some tips which will jazz up your LinkedIn journey:

1. Open Profile

LinkedIn only allows people to send messages to your first degree connections and group members. With Open Profile, you can contact any other person in LinkedIn by sending messages. This is especially helpful when you are job hunting or looking for people to collaborate with.

Open Profile is a feature of LinkedIn Premium, which allows even non-premium LinkedIn users to get in touch with you if you are a part of the Open Profile network. It magnanimously increases your chance to have a stronger network and opportunities to collaborate with some of the best minds.

2. Open Candidates

Are you currently working somewhere and are looking for better job opportunities, without risking your current job? LinkedIn’s Open Candidates is your go to. In Open Candidates, you can signal recruiters that you are looking for jobs privately. Here is how you can implement this:

  1. Click on “Jobs” tab
  2. Turn sharing “on” and type in what kind of positions you are looking for

Recruiters now see your profile as “Open to New Opportunities”.

3. Powerful Recommendations

Getting a recommendation gives a glossy look for your LinkedIn profile. But, just obtaining a recommendation is not enough. You got to make sure that the recommendations are truly highlighting both your hard and soft skills. The best way to structure a recommendation is to always start off with a spectacular jaw-dropping first line, which engrosses the reader to read further. Make sure that the person, who writes out the recommendation for you, clearly mentions the kind of working relationship he/she had with you. Then, the recommender can go on to talk about your contributions, achievements along with leadership, communication and negotiation skills.

4. Reordering 12 Endorsements

LinkedIn’s algorithm ranks your skills based on the number of endorsements you have for each one of them. Further, it also displays the most recent endorsements first. This isn’t an ideal scenario. Consider a situation where you first earned an endorsement from your senior colleague. Off late, you might have earned an endorsement from one of your project mates, which ends up showing first. If the endorsement from that senior colleague is more valuable, then LinkedIn gives you an option to reorder your first 12 endorsements. Just go to “Edit Skills” and click on “Manage Endorsements” and you can reorder the endorsements for each skill.

5. Get Found In Search With Keywords

LinkedIn now has 500 million users and to stand out from this humongous crowd, using the right keywords is mandatory. The first thing to do is to identify the words that you want to be found for in LinkedIn. Are you looking for a job in Business Analytics and are probably are Google Analytics certified? Then mention these keywords in your headline, summary and even while mentioning your projects and awards. This automatically helps you rank higher in searches related to your fields of interest.

6. Use LinkedIn Alumni

LinkedIn underscores the importance of having a good alumni network in the form of LinkedIn Alumni, which gives you the flexibility to search for your alumni contacts based on your geographical location, where they are presently working, their skills and their job titles and functions.

This is especially helpful if you are in search for a new job, or just want suggestions of a company that you want to join. LinkedIn Alumni plays a great role in helping you find your old batch mates, who might probably be working in the same company you are interested in. And just like that, you get all the information you need!

7. Make Use Of Pulse

LinkedIn is also about knowledge sharing. Pulse is an excellent platform, utilizing which can give a great boost to your LinkedIn profile. Not only are you able to see news and articles written by others in your industry, but you too can get published on Pulse by writing effective articles. Here are some steps that you can follow to write an impactful article:

  1. Keep the title short and eye catchy.
  2. Always use images in your post, relevant to your article. Use high-quality original images.

Make use of other social media like Facebook and Instagram to promote your LinkedIn page.

Pro Tip: Tweet to LinkedIn editors(who continuously select articles to be featured on Pulse) whenever you publish a write up so that they take notice of your works. When their attention is brought in to your piece of impactful work, your chances of getting featured on Pulse increases exponentially.

Making the best use of all the features of LinkedIn will surely help you stand out from the crowd. Looking for more tips and hacks? Check out this post.