Lets face it, everyone gets distracted at work. After all, 89 percent of respondents from Salary.com’s 2014 Wasting Time at Work Survey said they waste at least some time at work. Now, a little bit of distraction is understandable, but the survey of 750 workers nationwide found that 57 percent of workers waste an hour or more in the office everyday.

In its June survey of 2,175 hiring and HR managers across the country, CareerBuilder found out exactly what’s causing these distractions in the office. So, what are the top culprits? Cell phone usage tops the charts (52 percent), followed by: the Internet (44 percent), office gossip (37 percent), social media (36 percent), email (31 percent), and co-workers “dropping by” (27 percent).

From noisy open-office environments to constant texting and office gossip sessions, navigating through a day of work without getting distracted is difficult for even the most extroverted of employees. For Introverts who have difficulties dealing with highly stimulating environments, it’s nearly impossible.

Luckily, technology has made it easier than ever to communicate without ever leaving your comfort zone. Here are seven apps Introverts can take advantage of to make work simpler, more efficient, and more relaxed:

1. Focus

Focus is the app Introverts (and everyone else) need to, well, focus. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop just because you need to get work done. Your colleagues will still send you emails, you’ll still get Facebook notifications, and odds are you’ll feel the pull to go down the Internet rabbit hole at some point.

This app for Mac users (sorry, PCers, check out Anti-Social for similar capabilities) blocks distracting websites and applications that kill your productivity. Just list the online distractions that bother you most– social media, Mail, Outlook, news sites, RSS feeds, etc. — click the icon in the menu bar, and choose a period of time to be distraction free.

If you can’t fight the urge to go down the rabbit hole, Focus will redirect any attempts to visit a blocked site with a motivational quote to keep you going.

2. Contactually

If you’re like many Introverts, networking events can be stressful experiences that don’t actually paint you in your best light. Contactually helps you network and maintain important business relationships without having to dive into a crowd of Extraverts.

Just sync Contactually with your email clients, social media accounts, and other relationship management tools. Organize your contacts into buckets based on how often you need to follow up with them. Then, Contactually will remind you to follow-up via email with a few people a day so you stay connected.

It’s the perfect app for Introverts who want to maintain strong business relationships without the physical exhaustion that networking events bring.

3. MeetMe ScheduleOnce (meetme.so)

MeetMe ScheduleOnce is a web-based scheduling app that helps you make time for you. As an Introvert, it’s important to schedule time for yourself torecharge. This tool makes sure that time never gets interrupted.

Instead of emailing back and forth about meeting times or work lunch schedules — exhausting for an Introvert — MeetMe ScheduleOnce allows you to list the times you’re available and share your booking link with anyone. When someone needs to schedule a meeting, they just click on your link, choose a time to meet, and click submit.

4. Online collaboration tools (TeamworkHipChatBrightpod, etc.)

Communication is always important in the workplace, but noisy open offices can be really distracting for Introverts. While not every Introvert has a choice in whether or not their organization uses online collaboration tools like Teamwork, HipChat, and Brightpod, these tools can be very effective for minimizing noisy project-related discussion in the workplace and streamlining more productive communication — especially for Introverts.

Most online collaboration tools offer group chat windows, virtual workspaces for organizing projects, and other workflow tools that help keep productivity high and communication on-topic. For Introverts looking for a space where their ideas will be heard (as opposed to traditional brainstorming sessions), online collaboration tools are invaluable.

Looking for a cheap, easy solution? Use Google Talk and Google Hangouts to communicate with co-workers and cut down on noisy distractions.

5. Boomerang

Ah, the quiet solitude of working from your home office in the wee hours and actually getting things done. For many Introverts, off hours are a great distraction-free time for emailing, responding to clients, and knocking out answers to those last few questions from the boss. But do you really want your clients (or your boss) to think that they can contact you anytime, day or night?

Boomerang for Gmail solves this problem with email scheduling. Instead of writing a response, leaving it in your drafts folder, and potentially forgetting about it, Boomerang allows you to schedule a specific time for emails to be sent, helping you keep your late night or early morning productivity sessions to yourself.

6. Sattva

Finding time for yourself in an open office or as part of a collaborative team can be a challenge for Introverts. Sattva is another amazing way to solve that problem. This app for iOS and Android provides free guided meditations, a meditation timer, a heart rate monitor, and mood tracker to help you make the most out of any break time you have.

Need more? Sattva offers premium guided meditations and a subscription service so you’ll always have new meditations to help you recharge those introverted batteries.

7. Introji

Ever wish you could send an emoticon that captures your introverted mood as well as the winky face captures an Extravert’s joking attitude? That’s where Introji for Android and iOS comes in.

Introji is an app that seeks to help Introverts better communicate with the people around them. With 40 clear, expressive Introvert-emojis (Introjis!), Introverts will be able to help colleagues understand when they’re “recharging” or when they’re not interested in grabbing lunch but appreciate being thought of — all without actually having to say the words.

What apps do you know of that can help Introverts succeed at work or in their daily lives?