LinkedIn’s exponential rise in popularity and usage has been attributed to a number of inbuilt customized features that enable users to effortlessly connect with the desired person or organization. This article discusses seven major LinkedIn tips that make searching new job opportunities on the website easier.

Tip1: Update Job Skills

“Skills” is a new feature, whose beta version was launched this year that enables users to target their search based on a specific skill to determine its popularity, locate professional with similar skills and locations requiring such skills, find skill groups and discussion forums and last but not the least locate jobs requiring expertise in such skills. Users must fill out this section on their LinkedIn profile to ensure the inclusion of their profiles in the website’s search results. Users can select their profile, then edit their profile and browse through the Skills sections to add further information.

Tip 2: Expand individual network with “People” search

With its huge popularity and millions of users spread all over the globe, it may become a daunting task to locate individual acquaintances and new connections with similar areas of interest. That’s where LinkedIn’s People Search becomes a handy tool that enables users to locate old and new acquaintances through its customized searching options.

Users can locate this feature by selecting the “People” option and then clicking on the magnifying glass. A number of supportive filters will be visible on the left side of the screen displaying options like educations, current and past companies worked to enable users to narrow down their search criterion. Users who are pay subscription fees to avail upgraded services of the website can narrow their searching options further by groups, seniority and years of experience, Fortune 500 company work experiences etc.

Tip 3: Locate new companies with “Company” search

Users on the lookout for new jobs are most likely to type the name of the company which they intend to work in while using LinkedIn’s services. The “Company” search option enables users to restrict their search according to their individual preferences, areas of interest, capabilities, geographical location, industry size and whether such companies have a tie-up with LinkedIn for hiring new professionals. This option can be located on the website by browsing on the search bar at the top and clicking on the magnifying glass option thereafter.

Tip 4: Expanding personal networks through Hotmail

LinkedIn in collaboration with Microsoft has rolled out a new feature i.e. the connection invite system that uses a customized application called Active views. This enables Hotmail subscribers to work within the body of their email home page without having to navigate to another new page every time they send a new request or receive one. The email that notifies users that their request has been accepted also shows who the recipient of their request is connected to and which companies they follow. Users can also send requests to new contacts within Hotmail and follow that they might be interested in.

Tip 5: Learning to use “Apply With LinkedIn” button

LinkedIn unveiled a new plugin that makes it easier to apply for jobs on an employer’s website by linking a LinkedIn user’s profile information with the specific job requirements of the employer. Subscribers using this option to apply for prospective in jobs will find a screen popping up that enables them to edit any of the fields in their profile to tailor it to their position. Users also have the option to attach a cover letter with the application. Once the editing is over and the application has been submitted to the employer concerned LinkedIn will let the users know as to who all in their network are presently employed with the company where they applied to enable them to send those acquaintances a follow-up note.

Tip 6: Searching from Job vacancies listed on LinkedIn

Users can benefit from more than 50,000 jobs listed on LinkedIn by browsing through the website’s database. The portal’s job search enables users to type keywords specifying a particular job title, location; experience level sought and restricts results based on the request sought and links displayed correspondingly. To avail the job searching facility on LinkedIn, users can click on the “Jobs” tab on the navigation bar at the top or select it from the search menu. The website advises users to pay close attention to and take advantage of all acquaintances who are currently employed at the company listing the job that they may be interested in.

Tip 7: Learning to use “Signal” to track new jobs

LinkedIn unveiled a new application called “Signal” that is capable of displaying updates and news from a user’s LinkedIn contacts. Signal can also be used for tracking new job listings since users can link both their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and collectively tap the information resource relating to new job openings available on both the websites.

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