When you’ve been searching for a job for a long time, getting offered a position might feel like an overwhelming relief. You might feel tempted to jump right on board, but is that really the best decision you could be making? You need to make sure you’re making an informed choice. A career is a huge commitment, and you should ask yourself the right questions before you come to your ultimate decision.

Questions About Your Current Situation

The job you accept should immediately enhance your life. Considering some of the logistics and what current needs the job will fulfill is only half the battle, but it’s equally as important as preparing for the future. You need to fully comprehend what you’re getting yourself into before you accept terms or sign anything.

  • Is my hourly wage or salary equivalent to what I can reasonably say I’m worth?
  • Will accepting this job cause new expenses in my life?
  • Did I apply for this job because I wanted it, or because it was open?
  • Is the company culture consistent with the things that are important to me in the workplace?

Settling for much less than what you’re worth doesn’t always come with the promise of actually getting what you’re worth within a satisfactory timeframe. If holding out a little longer has the potential to give you a substantial pay spike with a company that knows your worth, you’re better off waiting it out. This is especially true if taking the position will require moving, higher transportation costs, or childcare expenses that you may not have had to handle before.

As far as culture and desire go, these are the things that make you the right fit for a job. You need to consider how you’ll actually communicate with and interact the environment you’re in. If you know right away it’s not going to work for you, don’t waste time accepting the position.

Questions About Your Future

A job isn’t always for “right now” – it has long-term implications that can affect the way you’re able to meet your other life goals or fulfill your responsibilities. You don’t need a crystal ball, but you should do your best to look into your future with a clear perspective.

  • Does this position offer me a sufficient opportunity to move up within the company?
  • Am I going to get tired or burned out with this kind of work?
  • Do I have other aspirations that may be impeded if I stay with this job for the long haul?
  • Does this company have longevity, or is it possible that they may fold in the coming years?

The perfect position is something you don’t have to worry about. If you know you like the company, that they offer advancement opportunities, that you enjoy the kind of work you’ll be doing, and that taking on the position as a source of steady work won’t squash any of your other dreams, you should say yes to that position.

Knowing When The Situation is Right

Everything comes loaded with pros and cons. Deciding whether or not you should accept a job offer is just like anything else. It’s almost impossible to have all pros and no cons, but you need to feel satisfied that the pros are stronger before you shake hands with a hiring manager.