As you’re searching for a new job, updating your online presence or just looking for a place to direct family and friends while you’re navigating your crazy life, you might think about creating an easy personal page on the web. I’m not talking about coding your own website. I’m also not talking about your Facebook or Twitter page. I’m talking about those quick and easy webpages designed to showcase who you are, what you want to share and how others can connect with you, without you having to put too much effort into creating it.

I have personally dabbled in as my one-stop shop for all things — for lack of a better way to say it — about me. So I wondered what else was out there and what the unique benefits were of each. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

It has often been said that simple is better, and takes that to heart. allows users to create a minimalist one-page website all about themselves. You write a brief bio, upload a photo of yourself for your background, include links to profiles on 21 other sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WordPress — and voilà, you’re done! The free service also allows you to measure and track different page metrics, like number of visitors and what people check out on your page.

Though it is free and also ends in .me, allows for more customization than, offering seven layouts, 222 fonts and the ability to link to 35 other sites. One feature it lacks that has is the site analytics; however, if you purchase the $20-per-year premium version, you will be able to track and measure site metrics in real time. The premium version also features 10 additional fonts, customs domains and incorporates content from your social media profiles, like photos and videos, instead of just linking to it.


[editor’s note: Vizify was purchased by Yahoo in March, 2014 and is no longer available] Vizify recognizes that people are multifaceted individuals with interests and activities that reflect our passions, so the team behind the free platform has designed a service that helps you create a website that highlights all the bits and pieces that make you who you are. Vizify takes your information — you can link to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter — and visualizes it in bubbles, charts, graphs, graphics and uploaded images. It spreads your information out on different pages and gives link to your other sites, creating what the people at Vizify call a “graphical biography.”


Yet another free platform, Glossi brings all of your social media accounts together on a single clean page, essentially creating a digital magazine of your life. You can link to Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter, and add RSS feeds from those accounts. Glossi has a cool “shuffle” feature, which lets you find and subscribe to fellow Glossi users who interest you.

Hi, I’m

Like, Hi, I’m lets you write a brief snippet about yourself and upload a background image for your page (or use any of the provided templates). You can add links to their other social networking and personal sites. The service also features statistic analytics so you can monitor your visitors’ behavioral habits.


The result of combining websites with business cards, Dooid is a free platform that lets you put your contact information, work information and social networks all in one place. You can add accounts from 60 different social media services as well as link to other websites. Dooid 4.0, the latest version, allows for custom domain names, V-card downloads, video integration and site statistics, among other enhanced features.


ItsMyURLs is very straightforward: The free service brings all of your social networks and personal sites together in one place. You can upload a profile picture and background image as well as use site analytics to find out which of your links and profiles are the most popular.

In addition to assembling your various social networks on a single page, lets users combine all of their contacts from their different networks into one “Connections” list. You can also incorporate your Twitter and blog into your free site (or a blog that you follow), so the latest tweets and posts appear as soon as they’re published.


RebelMouse currently links to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr (they’re working on Google+). After you link to your profiles and create a custom name, RebelMouse creates a Pinterest-like page of your posts with your tweets and statuses appearing as headlines. Since the platform is in beta, they’re still developing and introducing new features, like slide-shows, to further enhance your “social front page.”