Dear Guest Blogger

Career Enlightenment accept guest posts and in some cases thoughtful back link placements. We have a high quality standard here, so your pitch will need to meet our approval. We do charge for this service so please only contact us if you have some marketing budget.

We will automatically reject pitches unrelated to career advice or job search.

Career Enlightenment’s blog won the 2013 Reader’s Choice Award from by being selective with guest posts and only publishing content that provides value to our readers. If that’s you, then bring it on!


  1. Your post should be original, and not posted elsewhere. If it’s an infographic, then send me an original introduction.
  2. You may re-blog posts from my blog as long as you provide an appropriate back-link
  3. Please provide me with a by-line for attribution
  4. The post should be between 1000-1200 words long
  5. Please send me an image to accompany the post

If you are looking for a back-link and your article is really good, I’ll give it to you in the by-line, not in the body copy. I don’t entertain link-bait.

If I don’t accept your post, I probably wont offer an explanation. Even with these guidelines, I’m still going to use my judgement in approving the post.

How to Pitch Me

I’d prefer if you sent me three title ideas and a short excerpt for each of them. If you are looking for a back-link, please be upfront about it.

Your pitch should include:

  • A quick introduction of yourself (if I don’t already know you)
  • Samples of your past work or links to past articles you’ve written
  • A list of no more than 3 title ideas
  • a 1-3 sentence abstract about those ideas
  • Close with your contact information


Your article must have something to do with:

  • News, features or techniques using LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter,  as it relates to finding a job
  • Job search success stories with specific techniques detailed
  • Recent studies on recruitment technology trends
  • Productivity tips using technology for job seekers
  • Interesting employment news and trends

I’m looking for new content with a fresh perspective. I don’t want tired out articles that have been written 100 times before. Tell my readers something new.

Heres a hint: since this blog focuses on social media in the job search, I’m looking for specific tips and tricks, not general posts like, “5 reasons why you should use social media to find a job”. If I posted stuff like that, I’d be looking for a job myself!

Sponsored Blog Posting Guidelines

Based on your submission, we may ask that you pay for posting with us. If that happens, here are our guidelines.

  • Sponsored blog post articles must be related to job search or careers
  • Sponsored blog post articles with paid links to products or services must be related to job search or careers
  • Sponsored blog post articles have a term limit of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years, depending on package purchased
  • Sponsored blog post articles must be paid in full and up-front once approved before it will be posted to our website
  • Sponsored blog post articles are limited to two (2) links that promote their product or service
  • Sponsored blog post articles must include at least one (1) legitimate link in addition to the two (2) paid links
  • Sponsored blog post articles must be written with a high standard of quality and provide useful knowledge, products or services to our subscribers and readers
  • Sponsored blog post articles must meet certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements (our Editors will work with you to ensure this)
  • Please ensure articles are at least 600 words in length
  • Please include an image that helps identify your article. The image should be 950-1200 pixels wide and 275 to 375 pixels high


You know what they say about opinions. Unless you have some statistics, research or street-cred, don’t share it.

But if you have new research, interesting statistics, or a story to back up your claims, I’m all ears!


I will probably copyedit your post for punctuation, grammar and spelling, formatting etc. If I’d like to make an substantial change (unlikely) I’ll get your approval first.

A Note on Pricing

Our prices are commensurate with our Domain Rank (DR) which is currently at 49. As this changes, so will our pricing. Please contact us for details.




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