Known as “The Intern Queen” in her college years because of her extraordinary ability to land them, Lauren Berger completed 15 student internships. But she didn’t do it to land a job.

Companies with the top 50 internship programs do recruit a large number of interns for entry-level hires. Ernst &

Young, for example, made job offers to 92 percent of its interns in 2009, and 83 percent of Proctor & Gamble’s interns had job offers that same year.

ALL WORK, NO PAY is the ultimate guide to landing college internships. The list of careers launched through interning is a long one – Oprah Winfrey, for example, interned with a CBS affiliate, and Brian Williams did an internship with the Carter administration.

Berger’s book offers detailed how-to on finding and choosing an internship, and specifics on résumés and other tools you need in the search. Her analysis of social media and branding for the internship seeker is on the money, with solid advice on avoiding “the Facebook paparazzi” and the key do’s and don’ts for using Twitter and LinkedIn. The book includes a terrific section on practice questions for interviews. [rad_rapidology_inline optin_id=”optin_1″]

Not every internship will lead to a job offer, but a job offer is not the reason to pursue one. Berger turned down a job offer during what she calls her coolest internship, because the timing was wrong – school was her top priority at the time, and she wasn’t willing to sacrifice that for a cool job. “The professional contacts I built at my internships are still paying off on a daily basis,” she says. “While an internship does not guarantee a job with an employer, it does guarantee an experience – an experience that takes you one step closer to where you want to be after college.”

Any student who’s serious about strategically pursuing a career will benefit from Berger’s expertise on the ins and outs of college internships.

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