In February, Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows companies to publish job postings directly to their company pages, which is good news for jobseekers. The feature also allows jobseekers to apply directly to the posting without ever leaving the social network, which means now there is one more reason to keep Facebook open during the day.

Since Facebook has always been a de facto recruiting tool for both businesses and individuals, the move makes a lot of sense. Now, instead of organizations posting job openings in their regular status updates – which, thanks to the Facebook’s algorithm might only get seen by a small percentage of people – businesses in the U.S. and Canada will be able to post job openings either as a status update or on their Page under a new Jobs tab.

This new feature, Facebook promises, will help businesses find qualified people where they’re already spending their time … which seems to be on Facebook. According to statistics published in January 2017, 1.23 billion people log onto Facebook daily, which represents an 18% increase from 2016.

For jobseekers who use Facebook – or Facebook users who are open to finding a new job – the tool will likely be quite useful since applying for jobs through the new tab promises to be quick and straightforward thanks to the implementation of a one-click “Apply Now” button. Jobseekers also have the ability to link to and share jobs posts with the community and have the option to comment on job posts as well.

While you are likely to see job posts come across your Facebook feed sporadically regardless if you are actively looking for a job, you can also search Facebook with intention. Here’s how to use the tool:

  • Your location should come up automatically. If it doesn’t, or if you are looking for opportunities in another area, click “change” in the upper left hand corner.
  • Choose an industry. (You can choose more than one.)
  • Select a job type. (Again, you have the option to choose more than one.)
  • Scroll through the jobs in your area.
  • Click “Apply Now” when you see something interesting.

Simple, right? While uncomplicated is good, there is one potential catch: Applying for a job through Facebook could potentially make it easier for future employers to comb through your Facebook page, something that most jobseekers avoid at all costs.

A few words to the wise: Once you click “Apply Now,” the information you’ve added to the Work and Education section of your profile (under the “About” tab) will populate. Make sure that all of the information in that area is complete and accurate. Also, check to make sure that your email address and telephone number are correct.

Final notes: before you apply for any job be sure your Facebook account is safe for networking. Since many people primarily use their Facebook accounts socially, a thorough sweep of your Facebook content – including all of your photos – is in order when you use the platform as a jobseeker.

Three final tips:

  1. Add a tasteful profile photo and remove any potentially inappropriate pictures (or make them private). For your profile photo, be dressed in a way that would be appropriate for work.
  1. Head to the “About” tab in your profile and get your professional experience, skills, and education fields up to date. This is the information that will be passed along to potential employers once you apply.
  1. Update your contact information. Remember, an employer can’t hire you if they can’t get in touch with you.

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