When it comes to things like searching for a job, this experience usually becomes quite frustrating. You spend time making a resume, sending it out everywhere, and getting no results whatsoever.

Such a situation is dire indeed because the current labor market is saturated. That is why landing an interview seems to be a holiday and people prepare for it quite carefully.

However, before landing an interview, your resume has to be noticed, read, and considered to be good. That’s quite a list of steps, but it is still possible to make a good resume.

When we asked an expert resume writer that also wrote a detailed Resumes Planet review about this issue, she told us: “This is the reason why some people are considering using resume writing services while others hesitate and think whether it’s worth it.”

The information below will provide you with enough points to consider whether or not to hire a professional resume writer.

What makes resume good?

The answer is quite simple – a good one has to be captivating. The majority of people look around the web in search of some good resume templates, but there’s a catch. Recruiters see hundreds of the same templates used by candidates over and over again. This means one thing – those resumes go to the “we’ll check it later” box that never gets checked.

 So, an idea of a catching CV seems to be connected to making it look as unique as possible, but that’s not the solution. A good resume is brief, usually 1-2 pages, engaging, and highly informative.

By following these three points, it is possible to make a good letter that might be noticed by the recruiters. However, these points are quite general and this may not be enough to catch the attention of the person who you’re trying to impress with this paper.

What makes a resume great?

The answer is not that simple. First of all, it is important to understand that the recruiters value great resumes and pick exactly those people for future interviews. There are a few things:

  • Keep it focused;
  • Keep it humble;
  • Keep it free of mistakes;
  • Keep it “create while still being humble”.

These are just a couple of things that make a great resume. This is usually a frustrating experience to make a CV that has some contradicting qualities in it. One might consider being creative too literary and involve images, weird fonts, and other things that recruiters do not like at all. Keeping it humble is the same pitfall – a person might not underline one’s strong sides well enough.

Maybe hire a professional to do it?

Although some of you might think if it’s worth hiring a professional resume writer, previous points prove that creating a letter that will land that interview is quite hard. A professional writer is the one who considers your previous career movements, hard and soft skills, overall experience, and the specifics of the industry that you’re trying to enter.

One of the best things about this idea is that you can read a review first, to find out whether a particular service suits you. This knowledge allows a professional to create a letter that’s customized according to the client’s situation, thus highlighting strong sides while making it attention-worthy.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that one resume won’t fit all the positions and it is better to tweak it according to the industry and even company that you are aiming for. A professional writer is who does that and has experience with this process.

Final thoughts

All-in-all, making a good resume is one thing, and making a great one is a whole different story. Considering the modern realities, the great ones are being picked by the recruiters for further interviews.

That’s why it’s so important to know what to put on the paper. If you have doubts or see no results, consider hiring a professional writer – this may change a lot.

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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