The late 2023 job market is like none before it. There has never been a greater demand for tech-savvy techniques among those who want rewarding employment. This is particularly true for those who are looking for post-college or mid-career positions that can sustain them until retirement. The good news is that multiple free resources deliver the goods and help people find openings and opportunities that match their skills and salary needs.

Step one is knowing how to construct a tech-ready resume. After that, learn what’s available in industries that employ people from all kinds of backgrounds. The transport sector is one such area in which there are currently shortages of fleet managers, IT pros, trainers, and more. Additionally, employment seekers must use templates for follow-up communications with hiring agents.

Use search engines to gather relevant information about companies before going for a live interview. Post your information on two or three platforms for optimal results. Consider hiring a social media pro to help you clean up your internet footprint before conducting a full-scale employment search. Finally, construct thank you and cover letter templates you can customize for each application. Here are more details on how to use modern technology to supercharge your quest for a worthwhile position.

Be Resume Savvy

Resumes have changed a lot in the past decade. It’s now common for hiring agents and HR departments to utilize ATS (applicant tracking software) to evaluate vast numbers of resumes for keywords and essential phrases. What does this mean for candidates?

You have two ways to go. First, hire a professional resume writer who knows how to navigate the ATS landscape. Second, research the topic and construct your resume, being careful to use the relevant words the company is scanning for.

If you have no clue about how to evaluate the situation, outsource the task to a talented resume writer. The cost is reasonable, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting past that first hurdle and landing an interview with a decision-maker.

Know How to Get Fleet Management Jobs

If you’re searching for employment in the fast-growing area of transport fleet management, it’s imperative to know the lay of the land before heading into a live interview for a fleet management position. Keep in mind that the transport industry is much more enveloped in technology than most people realize.

That means you’ll need to do your homework on some of the most popular cost containment and IT-related solutions in current use in the industry. Start by reviewing a comprehensive guide on how GPS tracking works and how fleet supervisors use the technology to keep tabs on costs.

Understand the top software products in transportation and familiarize yourself with how managers choose the most productive products for fleet management. Gone are the days when drivers managed their daily routes and made all decisions about when and how to achieve on-time delivery. The global transport sector has gone high-tech, so job seekers need to study the latest developments in GPS and other software solutions that are common in the industry.

Hire a Social Media Cleaner

Don’t let your social media footprint get in the way of an otherwise excellent career prospect. Luckily, there are software products that can help you find and delete potentially embarrassing posts, images, and other SM activities. There are professional cleaning agencies that charge upwards of $250 to do a thorough cleaning of all your sites and digital remnants.

If you’ve been active online for more than a few years and are concerned about what might turn up, take care of this essential chore before sending out resumes to anyone. Assume that every hiring agent will do a deep dive into your cyber identity, even though most will not.

Use Search Engine News Feeds Before Interviews

Never go into an interview without using the power of technology to learn about the companies you’re interviewing with. Debunk any common interviewing myths and use at least one major search engine to dig up a few news tidbits you can weave into conversations with hiring managers.

Post on More Than One Employment Platform

Gone are the days when sites like Monster and Indeed were the only employment search boards. Those two still exist and are among the top choices of employment-minded adults in the US. However, there are dozens of others, and many are specific to industries like tech, finance, or real estate. Shop around and find at least two, but not more than three, platforms that suit your needs. Post-error-free resumes and fill in all the blanks on the sites’ profile pages.

That’s the best way to generate suggestions for available positions. Avoid paying for memberships on any such sites unless the monthly fees are less than $20. There are just too many reliable resources out there for candidates and job seekers to be wasting their precious cash on costly memberships.