Wellcome 2 My Bayad Speling Complaynt Dapartmennt

Grammar Nazi

Thank you for taking the effort to find spelling or grammatical errors in my writing. It’s nice to know that people actually read what I write.  You have a talent that, I’m sure, comes in handy in many areas or your life. Certainly, I wish I had more of it.

But I don’t.

I do have a book, a blog, a newsletter, an iPad application and many other authoritative publications.

Some of them are expertly edited. Others, like my newsletter, are written off-the-cuff in order to get my readers the most up-to-date information without waiting for edits.

My bad spelling or grammar do not reflect the quality of my research. They do, however, come from a learning disability I’ve worked very hard to over come. Feel free to read my post Confessions of a Lapsed Diagnosed Dyslexic to learn more about my struggle with Dyslexia.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out…

In the world of job search, I can understand why spelling your cover letters and resumes perfectly might help to make a good impression on a potential employer.

My challenge to you is that relationships matter WAY more than good spelling. Companies don’t give a crap about your perfectly spelled resume (unless you’re going to be an editor for their newspaper). They are going to be reading your tweets, LinkedIn summaries and hundreds of other things in ADDITION to your boring resume and template cover letter. (I’m being dramatic of course and mean no disrespect to resume writers)

If bad spelling were actually enough grounds to not hire someone, no one would have hired Einstein, Jay Leno, John Chambers, or Alexander Graham Bell- to name just a few Dyslexics.

Seriously. Think about it.

Did these people contribute nothing to the world?

If one or two words in my newsletter are misspelled or in the wrong grammatical case, does that make my message any less useful?

Just know that I’m aware of this, and have tried my personal best to avoid the error. But frankly, I have people to serve, books to write and speeches to deliver. These are my priorities.


Here’s What You Can Do If You Find Spelling or Grammar Errors

  •  Keep it to yourself. You were probably one out of five people who even noticed.
  • Offer to be my editor for free. Sorry, you can’t write-off the hours for your taxes.
  • If you absolutely must (ex. if the error is so grievous that I risk my livelihood through it) let me know about it kindly. Keeping in mind that this is something I’ve struggled with for my entire life, you might avoid rubbing it in. (I am running out of tissue boxes).

Example Email to Me Pointing Out A Spelling or Grammar Error

Dear Joshua,

I love reading your newsletter. You are brilliant and ever so handsome. I’d like to give you $100, no questions asked.

Since I’m about to leave on a much needed vacation to Hawai’i, what address should I send the check to.

Your admiring reader,

Over-worked Resume Writer