It’s the search.

We’ve all been there. While technology gives us the online job search and sites like LinkedIn, it’s still up to the job seeker to dig through job postings on multiple sites, immediately followed by waking up to dozens of spam emails from any site where you posted your resume. And then there’s the application process. Upload resume, apply, repeat until you’ve lost track of which jobs you applied to when.

When you search for “healthcare jobs” on Google, for example, you get top of page results from job sites that paid for placement. Underneath those are a mix of search sites, some well-known, some not so well-known, and this is just the beginning of your search. You weed through the sites that have no healthcare jobs, that don’t have healthcare jobs in your area, and then blindly apply to job ads that sound like they might be a fit. What if someone could take the research out of the equation for you?

Jobs2Careers recently took on a massive challenge by vetting thousands of job search sites, from the broad general job posting sites to smaller niche sites in various industries. What resulted is a list of 210 job search sites, scam and spam free, broken down by industry, to make your search easier.

The Top 210 Best Job Search Sites for 2016 is currently the largest free resource list for job seekers. From internships to entry-level jobs, from government work to executive positions, this list is segmented by type of job and industry so you can focus you search on the sites that are the most likely to get you results, better and faster.

You’ve read here on this blog how important social media can be in your job search, so Jobs2Careers also included each sites’ apps (if they have them) and social channels. They also make it easy to share the post with your job seeking friends on your own social channels. Even if you’re not actively seeking work now, you probably know someone who is.

Check out the categories and sites you might not have even heard of, then use this free resource to get your resume out there and target your search to the right site and right industry.

The Top 210 Best Job Search Sites for 2016 post originally appeared on’s Advice site, updated October 7, 2016.