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Commonly Confused Words That Can Cost You Credibility

A homonym is a word that sounds roughly the same as another word but is very different in meaning. We’ve already covered the importance of using the spell-check function when completing all job search documents, and the use of grammar, word choice, and apply to the...

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4 Underrated Soft Skills To Add To Your CV

We’ve all heard of the specific skills that all CVS should boast: communicating well, working great in a term and being a good problem solver. These are pretty run-of-the-mill, you just know that your potential employer is bombarded with these terms every time they...

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Top 500 Resume Keywords to Boost Your Resume

What Are Resume Keywords? Job listings include the hard skills and competencies an applicant needs in order to be a great hire. These abilities become keywords used by recruiters and hiring managers to quickly identify top candidates whether they’re skimming with...

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