Pete Leibman created his own job description for his “dream job” and then sought it out and landed it – working in sports marketing at the age of 21 – for an NBA team. He was promoted to a management position in less than two years. In his book he explains why now is the best time ever to get your dream job.

Leibman offers examples of real-life success stories, and details a step-by-step proven process for defining and landing your own dream job. His well-designed and organized book explains not just the basics but also the detailed how-to on using social media to brand yourself as a high-value job seeker and connect with influential people who are in a position to hire you.

Why settle for a position with a job description that almost matches your skills and interests? Create your own job description! This book explains precisely how you can do that, and then offers guidance on identifying your target market and developing your individual marketing assets to actually pull it off. 

“Lack of focus is a main reason why most people take months to get hired and why most people end up in jobs they don’t like,” writes Leibman. He then details the six key points that you must focus on to write your ideal job description:  your ideal location, schedule, environment, function, employer size, and salary. Focus on your ideals and build your job description from that, and you’ve begun the process of landing your own dream job.

Leibman spells out specific job search strategies, including networking techniques both face-to-face and online, and he explains what networking is NOT and how to do it right. Do you know the differences between warm networking and cool networking? You need to know.

Leibman also explains how to not blow an interview – and he shares his tips for acing one. His “six deadly sins of interviewing” include not knowing how to sell yourself and giving the interviewer too much credit. His chapter on excellence includes valuable advice on topics such as maintaining professionalism at all times – you never know who you’ll run into, as Leibman learned on vacation in Botswana!

Pete did it. He got his dream job. His book relates real-life stories of others who did it. Read his book – you can get your dream job too.