Check out Knock ’em Dead: Secrets and Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers and Martin Yate’s advice could help you like it helped me. Yate’s first book Knock ’em Dead helped me get my first job and negotiate my salary as an MBA. Whether you’re just starting in the job search or you’re interested in professional upkeep I think Yate’s newest book could help you too.

The latest installment in the Knock ’em Dead series gathers advice from all the books and organizes it into an effective plan. It includes tons of new advice from professionals and career building specialists and I’m proud to be among them!

Take Advantage of the Technology Trend

“You are entering the world of work at a time when every profession and every industry is going through upheaval as each adapts to the threats and opportunities offered by technology…Yours is the first generation to grow up in a technology-driven world, and this will give you a distinct edge when you combine it with smart career-management strategies.”

Social Networking Strategies for the Internet Age

Digital Dirt:

Don’t forget we all leave a digital trail. You can test this by Googling yourself. And don’t forget that recruiters are Googling you too. A good start for cleaning up your trail is your Facebook account: “those pictures of you projectile vomiting on Spring Break might not represent the professional that you now need to portray in the most desirable light.”

Links on Resumes:

A great tool for bulking up your resume without adding on pages is to add a link to your professional social networking platform. Recruiters like this because it’s an easy way to learn a lot more about you. Only link to a profile that’s completely professional and consistent with the resume.

LinkedIn Advice:

  • Set up your LinkedIn profile right now. It’ll make you more visible to corporate recruiters because it’s a convenient way for them to find you.
  • Make sure your profile picture makes you look professional, friendly, and confident. This could be someone’s first impression of you.
  • Understand keywords and use them to your advantage. Recruiters, hiring managers and headhunters use keywords to search for potential hires. Make sure the words they’re  using to search for you are in prominent places in your profile. Use LinkedIn’s resources for making your profile more visible.
  • Join groups and be active by starting conversations, responding to comments, and approaching other group members to add to your network.

Me Inc: Start Your Business Today

Yate reminds you to think like a business. Make decisions that add to your success and credibility in the long run. Your business is MeInc, and “its job is to consistently promote the visibility and credibility of the ever-evolving brand that is your professional persona.”

This book can help you land your first job but you’ll also develop skills for long-term career management. This is an important point that a lot of beginners forget. Even your first job should be seen as an important stepping stone for MeInc, and you can use it to establish a foundation for where you want to go.

Also, don’t forget upkeep. At the end of the book you’ll find all kinds of advice on how to build on successes, make career changes, and achieve financial security and satisfaction.

“You have to take responsibility and become the architect of your own success by learning what it takes to navigate the twists and turns of a long career, because if you don’t take responsibility for your own success, nothing will happen.”

 Are you ready to take a big step in your career path?

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