Why is the job search today so difficult? In THE 2-HOUR JOB SEARCH, author Steve Dalton attributes it to technology. Though many would say it’s easier now because of technology, Dalton says searching might be easier, but hiring is less efficient. “Jobs today are going to those who adapt most quickly and effectively to those new job search rules,” he says. His book will tell you exactly how to do that.

This is job search re-engineered.

I met Steve three years ago at an MBA career center conference after attending a lecture of the same name. What impressed me about Steve’s approach was that he really simplified the steps in a job search into a mechanical process. He took the whole process, boiled it down into essentials, and spelled out small, easy steps to take. There is almost no fluff, no personal branding jargon. I thought job search was job search, but Steve’s approach actually does something entirely different. In fact, I loved the content so much, I attended his session again for a second time the next year of the conference.

One job search strategy that doesn’t work is called “satisficing.” Dalton explains that the word, coined by Nobel Prize-winning social scientist Herbert Simon, is a hybrid of “satisfy” and “suffice” and describes a person’s tendency to select the first available solution that meets a need. Dalton explains why hiring managers are satisficers, and what you can do in response.

His book breaks the job search down into small manageable steps, illustrated with real-life examples and anecdotes. He includes specific troubleshooting tips on using online databases and conducting a focused and targeted search. He’ll teach you how to create a customized list of employment contacts, sort them effectively, and then connect with them. Basically, this is paint-by-numbers for job seekers. Just follow his instructions and you will get hired. Simple.

Understanding the basics of market norms can help focus your efforts at interview requests, and if you follow Dalton’s step-by-step guide, you can grab 80 percent of the benefits of informational interviews in just 20 percent of the time you’d otherwise spend on this. For interacting with recruiters and job contacts, pay special attention to Dalton’s explanation of the Ben Franklin strategy of asking favors!

Because the college grads landing jobs today are those who understand the new job search rules, your successful job search will depend on your ability to learn and apply them. THE 2-HOUR JOB SEARCH is a detailed guide on how to do exactly that.