Are you a WillBe or a WannaBe? In “WillBe: 13 Reasons WillBe’s Are Luckier Than WannaBe’s” this is an important question to ask yourself. Embracing your WillBe potential could boost your desirability to recruiters and potential employers.

Author Ian Ziskin says, “The premise of this book is simple…everyone has talent and potential, but not everyone will be equally successful at realizing his or her full potential. Not everyone is a ‘WillBe.’ But you could be.”

It really does feel simple with this powerful little roadmap in hand. Ziskin is a guide that’s easy to trust.

Rules for the Game from One Who’s Already Been in the Game

This long time big player in business comes with many road tested credentials. His advice comes from the bumps, bruises, and triumphs from a lifetime of being in the game as a business executive and as Chief Human Resources Officer in 3 Fortune 100 companies.

In his chapter on Credibility he says, “WillBe’s display maturity early in their lives, and turn mistakes into opportunities to impress. They recognize that effectively resolving their mistakes often breeds more credibility than if they never made a mistake in the first place.” He’s taking his own advice by using his professional experiences to instruct us on the journey. It’s great when an author also “walks the walk.”

According to Ziskin, this book “is a product of feelings, thoughts, and experiences that have evolved over a lifetime of learning, doing, learning, doing.”

This book is an invitation to learn and then do.

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Learn Your Potential Through “Real Life” Situations

The backbone of this book is 13 watchwords, one for each chapter. Some that stood out to me as particularly poignant for job searchers are credibility, anticipation, prioritization, and resilience.

 Ziskin uses short case studies to show the principles in action in a professional setting. These “situations” as he calls them are engaging and easy to relate to. You may find that you recognize many of the personalities that appear in each scenario and maybe even interact with them on a daily basis already!

Self-Reflection, the Ingredient for Success

After each “situation” you’re asked to step in and make suggestions about how to resolve a conflict or confront a problem employee.  Formulating a response right away helped me internalize what I’d just learned in the chapter.

For me this book was an exercise to stay sharp. It asked me to consider some core values that can be overlooked in the grind and then reflect on my current mode of operation. It’s a chance to take a little time to tune our compasses to WillBe and it’s in such a concise format you can get back to a busy schedule in no time.

“WillBe’s actually like knowing where they stand, love acting on input and advice, and use their self-awareness as fuel for taking control of and managing their own careers.” If that sounds like you, you might consider turning to this book for some sound advice. There could be potential waiting to  get unlocked in you!

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