Personal branding is at the cornerstone of career success. At every stage, front entry-level to CEO, those that make the final employment decisions are looking for applicants that brand themselves in a certain way.

In this day and age, this kind of screening takes place mainly via the internet, as employers have access to all of their applicants’ web-based histories. To ensure that your past doesn’t come back to haunt you when you next go for a job, then, you have to clean up your online brand. Better still, you have to seek to optimize it, as that will be sure to better your career prospects going forward.

To find out what you can do to boost your career with online branding, make sure to read on.

Do something a bit different

Applicants that go above and beyond to showcase their expertise are the ones that stand out most during the application process. If you want to be the one grabbing all of the attention the next time you apply for a job opening, you should resolve to do something a bit different online. This means doing more than just setting yourself up with a LinkedIn page and starting your own website. Plus, it means starting a blog or creating your own online store.

With regards to the latter, you have the potential to really make yourself stand out by creating your own online store, but only if you tread carefully with this kind of venture. Quite simply, an ugly looking, badly marketed, hard to navigate, overpriced, and poorly stocked store will do nothing but harm your personal brand. If you want to avoid this plight and make a real success of your e-commerce venture, be sure to remain abreast of the latest personalized shopping trends. By getting your finger on the pulse in this instance, you will stand a far better chance of creating an online store that does you and your online personal brand justice.

Be social

Social media is at the core of online branding, which means that you’re going to have to get social from time to time if you want to boost your brand. This will help you to forge connections with possible employers, and it will show that you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there.

Here are a few tricks you should be aware of when it comes to socializing professionally online:

  • Use an authentic screen name
  • Upload uniform headshots
  • Summaries your value proposition in your biography
  • Sum up your value proposition in a catchy slogan
  • Always link back to your website
  • Share content consistently
  • Mix it up when it comes to your content (text, photos, videos, infographics)
  • Join professional groups on LinkedIn
  • Collaborate with social influencers
  • Be as helpful as you can

If done correctly, online personal branding has the potential to take your career to new heights. It will only boost you up your career ladder, however, if you are willing to take this kind of venture seriously. When seeking to do just that, the above advice makes for as good a starting point as any.

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